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[Want to Buy] 2/4gb DDR2 PC RAM


Guys I can provide you the RAMs but the Full amount(including shipping) is need to be paid in advance, if you guys have no problem with that then PM me.


Broken In
I have got 2 GB DD2 ram, kingston, never used but seal broken of box. Pm me if any one of you want to buy it :)


Little Kid

Recently my motherboard (XFX 650i Ultra) died and I ran a thread, http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/cpu-motherboards/161328-need-advice-new-lga-775-motherboard.html for suggestion to replace it with something. I ended up with most of the option being DDR3 board.

Now I have couple of Corsair XMS2 eXtreme performance 2GB DDR2 sticks with me, they are 5 year old and out of warranty.. I was thinking to use DDR3 RAMs with new motherboard if I get to sell off these at a reasonable price, if offered to me..


PM me if anyone wishes to make any offer.


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Hi, Iam also having 2 number of 1 GB 667Mhz RAM for sale.Iam not sure of the warranty.Both were bought at different time.One is transcend and another UMAX.If interested please PM
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