1TB External HDD suggestions


Hi, I need suggestions on an external HDD, 1TB.

Should be having encryption and built-in backup features. Budget is around 4k.
After sales service should be reliable.

Some threads here suggested the WD Passport Ultra. Are there any other recommendations?



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Hi meetdenis,

+1 to [MENTION=15026]topgear[/MENTION],the WD MY Passport Ultra also comes with the full version of the WD Smartware Pro software. It's a pretty simple and straightforward backup software that uses minimal PC resources. Set it up once and you can forget about it.

For more information about WD External drives, you may visit the below link:

Support Answer

Hope it helps.


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WD My Passport Ultra series has better after sales support & as for reliability you can toss a coin for that as far as hdd are concerned.Unless it is a mass failure of a particular model/series,all hdd now-a-days are pretty much same on reliability factor(meaning,again toss a coin).


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Get Toshiba 2TB External HDD. Available on Flipkart at an amazing Price of Rs. 4999 only.


I am using WD Passport Ultra since last 3 years without any problem. I lend it to my friends who use it very carelessly then also its going strong! Touchwood!
Get the passport Ultra before the offer expires on Amazon/FK


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WD or Seagate,it all depends on a person's experience.Some have bad experience with Seagate so will only buy WD & vice versa.WD does have better after sales support so if a person has neutral/same experience with both brands then WD has advantage.In any case reliability is something which is not to be trusted when buying a hdd so as long as one has a proper backup plan one can go with any brand,if not then no brand will help.
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