13 Things to do immediately after installing Ubuntu

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All those commands would have been search and click in synaptic but it's faster to do from CLI.
Like installing ntfs-3g, search for ntfs-3g in synaptic and click on a checkbox on the left. And press the apply button.
I guess that isn't tough. But we believe in using CLI since it makes work easier.


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just install easyubuntu or automatix. it does all the necessary stuffs to get goin with newly installed ubuntu. By d way Linux is for the people who actually KNOW how to use computers.. NOT which icon to click..


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I found that swf files don't work well with players, so here is the standalone player from Macromedia. Here is the link.


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@n00b-users:terminal is not an enemy.it is the power of the system.and this is not exactly what in Windows when u run "cmd".
infact shells like bash got everything easy,u dont need to search books for commands,dont remember spell,used to troubleshoot etc
use "man cmdname" to get full doc on that command.press TAB key to get command completion.and more.
but yeah,In UNIX* and Linux commands are CaSE SeNSitive!

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aryayush said:
Almost all of them require you to type commands and people say that Linux is very simple.

yaar u just have to copy-paste into terminal , u don't even need to type , this is much faster than GUI n easier too ,

just copy , paste , hit enter


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Sounds easy theoretically but this stuff almost never seems to work for me. I get some error or the other when trying these commands and all.

I did not try any of these though. I was just speaking from my past experiences. And anyway, I just won't deal with text based commands. Why should I! It is a matter of preference. I bought a high-end expensive machine for myself in the twenty-first century not to type (or copy-paste) text commands on a bland screen. That is thoroughly unacceptable.

Of course, some people prefer it so I guess it is useful stuff for them. I'm not saying anything against it, but it is definitely not for me. If some tip involves clicking here and there and getting things done, I'm all for it. But tell me to type an alphabet into a scary looking screen and I'm out of it. :p
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