100 SMSes a day cap again imposed


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Yup just like kdroid said,last year when this Rule was implemeneted, almost everyone started using Whatsapp and nimbuzz.
And spending Rs 50/year for whatsapp is not much

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With almost everyone on Whatsapp these days, 100 SMS/day is adequate.
What I dont like about whatsapp is i cannot exit it. As a result if i dont have a pocket net blnc my main blnc gets deducted. :/
A friend of mine has a way of blocking whatsapp on his Nokia C6 phone. He has NetQin installed and manually "blocks" Whatsapp whenever he doesnt have pocket net blnc. But i cannot download NetQin on my N79 phone. The "region" on its site doesnt have India (or china). Weird. :/


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^^ +1.
Once,I turned off my "mobile data" and slept
Over the night whats app turned mobile data on( I dint have a internet pack also), and had about 100 messages in in(due to a group chat) and cause of this lame thing more than 50 bucks got deducted


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BTW.. I got a SMS from my GSM provider that special prices are valid for first 100 SMS /day and rest will be Re. 1/SMS local, Re. 1.5 STD and Rs 5 on ISD...so this would mean one can still send more than 100 SMS/day .. only that it will be more expensive.
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