1. F

    Why is this happening? :((

    Need help just way too confused:( Why isnt Winamp 5.04 not being able to play Internet Radio Stns...typically the Trance stations whose adress(es) resolve as and These are otherwise European Vocal Trance Stns. Interestingly, I...
  2. F

    Winamp not playing Radio Stations:((

    Hi All, I dunno whats wrong. But ever since I moved to a DSL line(and that was yesterday), I'm not being able to listen to Winamp Radio Stations(that I could listen to when I had a dialup). Interestingly, the stations in Windows Media Player are working fine...except, again, a few of...
  3. V

    Best DSP Plugin for Winamp

    Just want to know which is the best DSP plug-in for winamp. Well I use Dee-3 ( ), with my 5.1 Frontech JIL-1872, and it rocks baby. And the plug-in is the only reason for me to stick to Winamp. Otherwise I would've switched to Quintessential (As we all know that Quintessential sounds...
  4. sandeepkochhar

    Which Audio Player do you use?

    Dear friends All of us listen mp3s. So, I thought it will be nice to know about the Audio players do u use. Personally I use Quintessential QCD Player and Winamp 5.02. I like QCD Player particularly as it seems a nice blend of Winamp features and looks of Sonique (which is now almost dead...
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