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    Clean Unistall of windows8

    hey guys i tried the consumer preview Windows8 on my friends borrowed laptop.. Now that i have formatted the drive in which it was installed,but still it asks me to choose between win7/win8 at startup.. I dont want to have this headache for my friend,so before returning would want to restore...
  2. K

    What to ask from friend to bring returning from US???

    Hi Guys, My friend is returning from US and I want help from you guys in deciding that what will be the best bargain to get fron there. I have tried many things comparing but m confused now as all the things are now more or less in same price range in India. So could you guys plz helpme out...
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    Cabinets with attitude

    Have you guys heard of this company called GMC? They're from the place I like to call a second home: Check out this case: :: GM Corporation Ltd :: PC Case & PowerSupply And their catalog: :: GM Corporation Ltd :: PC Case & PowerSupply I'm not sure how you can order these to India (I don't...
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    Need advice on buying iphone from us?

    hi guys need to know on where and how to buy the iphone 3gs from us. one of my relatives has gone there, will be returning soon. can i get a phone without contract from there?? reply
  5. F

    Buy XBox 360?

    Hey, Should i buy an XBox 360? Pl reply soon, dad returning from US in a week. I've heard ppl are having issues with XBox 360 & are already returning it
  6. T

    Can I play a PS2 game on PC?

    I ordered some games from the local dealer and what I got was PS2 games. Now he is not returning them. :( Is there a way to play these games on the pc? Please Help
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