1. bobby23

    Which is better Samsung Corby B5310 or Samsung S5620 Monte

    Hi everyone, I am planning to buy a new cell phone and I have decided on these two, Samsung Corby B5310 and Samsung S5620 Monte, I am not sure which one to buy. Both have same price range and and almost the same features the differences are: Corby 2.8" screen Monte 3" screen Corby 16M colors...
  2. koolbuddy92

    Problem in CS3 due to monitor..

    I recently purchased a samsung lcd monitor. Whenever I open Photoshop, a message pops up saying :- "The monitor profile "Samsung - Natural Color Pro 1.0 ICM" appears to be defective. Please rerun your monitor calibration software." There are 2 buttons - "Ignore Profile" and "Use...
  3. Rockstar11

    What color should I paint a music room to inspire more musicality?

    I have a room in my house that is used as a Music room and PC room. I want to paint the room in two colors (light colors) I can't decide what color to paint the walls. :confused: plz help me.. :( check this site
  4. Sumeet_naik

    Monitor and vga problem.

    Hi, I'm using a P4 based PC. It has a Zebronics 845 motherboard. The motherboard has intel graphics extreme. I changed the screen colors to high and from then the monitor goes off when its boots into xp. The refresh rate of the high color, i selected is more than supported by my monitor. Now i...
  5. A

    VKEWL C5330 for sell

    i want to sell my 3 mounth Huawei C5330 for Rs1500 i have bill it has 1year warrenty mumbai ppl preferable any body interested PM or mail me at Buy Price Rs.3900 /-Display Colors 262 K ColourGPRS YESMP3 Player YESGames YES + DownloadableCamera 1.3 Megapixcels...
  6. Zangetsu

    How to write this in javascript???

    I want 2 design a html page which :) has following elements: 1> A line of text....e.g Welcome to my site <username> 2> a select box with options as colors (red,blue,green) whenever the user selects a particular option...the text which has the user name displayed already,shud...
  7. M

    FS:Nokia 5700 Express M*si*

    FS:Nokia 5700 Express Music wit 512 mb card SOLD i m selling my 6 mnths old Nokia 5700 express music cellphone... colors : 16000000 colors (16 million colors) camera : 2 megapixel with flash Bluetooth : version 2.0 + EDR with A2DP Audio...
  8. kalpik

    N82 Dilemma

    Hi people! Im planning to buy an N82.. The only problem is color. Its only available in Silver in india for now.. The black one looks better (to me at least), but i've heard mixed reviews on both the colors on the internet. No one has any idea when the black one will arrive :( Now i dunno what...
  9. gxsaurav

    Apple busted for false advertising

    Be careful your product lives up to what you advertise it to be and be careful it does what you say it will do; that's the lesson that many tech companies are learning the hard way. Microsoft recently found that out as its facing an uphill battle to fight against a class lawsuit alleging it...
  10. C

    is it true that here in india we get mobiles with just general colors?

    is it true that here in india we get mobiles with just general colors like black and silver i searched them on net but not got in india with different colors that are available outside. i searched k550i white in local stores buy did not get there too they told it is not available anywhere in...
  11. D

    Difference between black 6233 and silver 6233?

    What is the difference between these two? Are they same except colors? Which one looks good?
  12. enticer86

    Windows Desktop Settings- confused

    Hello ppl, Can anyone please let me know how to remove the colors from the desktop icons' name. As in the icon for My Computer, i dont want any background colors for "MY COMPUTER". How do I remove the same? I kno its abt tinkering some setting as highlighted in the pic Thanks :)
  13. B

    CRT Monitor Colour Problem..Suspect Cable..?

    Hello Friends...I am having a problem with the colors in my CRT monitor(SAMTRON 56v 15'').The prob is that i am losing some colors.Most of the time i am not getting the red color.I guess it is a problem with the signal cable because when i twist or move the cable,the color that i am losing...
  14. swap_too_fast

    Monitor colors gone

    the colors of my pc's monitor at right bottom are changed. Can you tell me what is the cause of it and solution? I changed my pcs location in home, then at right side of monitor i placed spike guard, 1 big 12 volts dc variable adaptor pluged in spike guard and telephone and mobile is also...
  15. mayneu

    Sony Ericsson W960i coming soon !!!!!!!!

    see some of its pictures before reading the specs...... here are the specifications of this mobile...... General Network: UMTS / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900...
  16. anandk

    The Snipping Tool in Vista.

    situated in c\windows\system32\ is vista's 'SnippingTool.exe'. another useful in-built utility in vista to capture screen-shots. its shortcut can be found in the start menu>all programs >accessories. it can take full-screen, particular window, any rectangle or free-form "snips" of ur...
  17. desertwind

    [Tutorial] My Photo on GRUB

    This is a little tut to add custom graphics background for grub. May be known to many, but will be a delight for newbies. 1. Open any image in gimp (You'll get better results if your image doesn't have too many colors) 2. Scale (Image>Scale Image) the image to 640x480 3. Select...
  18. zyberboy

    Can anyone suggest a Firefox addon or greasemonkey script to change background??

    I prefer grey or black background for webpages,white and high contrast light colors r hurting my eyes even though i am using Lcd monitor , i need a addon or script which will change the color of the webpage i am visiting with a shortcut key(when i press color changes) after loading the page or...
  19. sandeepkochhar

    LG KG200 n KG300

    What is your opinion abt these 2 LG models? I personally think that they are value for money. At Rs 7800 KG200 is giving these features:- 1.3 MP, 1280 x 1024 pixels, video TFT, 256K colors MP3 player FM radio with recording 10 stations memory But with no Bluetooth the only grimace I...
  20. ax3

    Photoshop basic help ! ! !

    My frd told me 2 create a wallpaper for his bootskin of 640x480, 4-bit, 16 colors palette ....... i couldnt get him ..... can anybody explain abt 4-bit thing 2 me ???? am confused ........
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