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    Positive Experience Philips Headphones

    Recently bought Philips SHL3000WT Headphones for only Rs.649. I ordered on 8 September'13 afternoon and the product was in my house on 10 September'13 evening. Packaging was not very great-just the snapdeall cover over the headphone package, no other cushioning.Also didn't receive the bill...
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    Positive Experience Vaishali- Multiple Products

    I havr ordered multiple products from ebay(unfortunately I dont have the link for any) and have always had a good experience till now. The Products I have Purchased till now from them are: 1.) Logitech Ultimate Ears ue 350 vi for only Rs.1990(in March'12) 2.) USB Cable for Iphone for Rs.100 (...
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    Can I Replace The DVD Player Of my Panasonic XH50 5.1 home theatre system

    I own a Panasonic XH 50 HT system Pansonic Product Support - SC-XH50 I would like to know if I can replace the DVD Player of this HT with some other DVD Player.Its just that the USB Playback is really crappy on this one plus the input plugs for the cables from speakers are broken. I asked...
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    Is Blackberry PlayBook Still a Good Choice?

    Blackberry Playbook 64GB is available on Amazon for 11k. Is it still a good deal. I will require this tablet mainly for reading and browsing. I already have my iPhone for my gaming needs. So is the Playbook still a good deal? It really seems tempting at 11k. Please Help Guys!!!
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    Strange Problem With my laptop!!!

    I am having some very strange problems with my laptop. Its a Sony vaio vpceb14en with config as core i3,320GB HDD, 3GB RAM, ATI 5470 512Mb Graphics. Its a 3 year old laptop. Now the problem is that my laptop is working very slow that I cant even click on anything.I was using windows 8...
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    Need Headphones around 2k!!!

    Hi guys I am planning to buy headphones preferably on-ear or over-ear types since i already have in-ear type(logitech ue350vi). My budget is around 2k. I will be using this mostly with iPhone4 and sometimes with my laptop as well. Please suggest some good headphones in this range..
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    Xperia Z or Xperia ZL!!! Plz Help..

    Guys...Planning to buy a new phone...stuck between xperia z or xperia zl....liked xperia z for the water zl coz of IR blaster and better screen(reportedly in many reviews)...only thing I dnt like abt xperia z is the heating issues....and since I use my fon a lot I am not...
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    Beat broadband out there????

    Hey guys I have airtel broadband right now for which i pay rs900 and get just 8gb as fup with speed of 2 mbps and then speed goes down to 256kbps... I am trying to find a cheaper and better alternatives for the same coz even thou airtel service rocks it is very unsatisfying.... The...
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    Car stereo help needed!!!

    Hey guys I have an alto 2008 model... I am planning to setup sound system but my budget is very tight max around 8k... i am an amateur audiophile but i do nit have any idea in terms of car stereo... So i need your help in setting up a good enough setup for my car... Also i need to point out...
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    Planning to buy MTS dongle!!!!! HELP needed!!

    hey friends i am planning to buy the mts dongle to replace my airtel broadband. I had some questions in my mind. needs your help... 1. How is the mts network...does it really give the promised 3.1mbps. Moreover i stay in vaishali,ghaziabad.......Any idea how is it around this area??? 2. I...
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    Blue Screen Issue!!!Plz HELP!!!

    i have a sony vaio laptop with win 7 home basic 64 bit. Whenevr i turn my laptop off, at the end it will give a blue screen and den it wil turn back on automatically. So in a way it never shuts down, reslt of wich i have to either put my laptop in hibernate or in sleep mode What should i do...
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    planning to buy a new pair of earphones

    i am planning to buy new pair of earphone for my iphone 4 these r what i hav found so far 1. logitech uv35i for Rs.1990 from ebay 2. mee electronics m6 for Rs 1500 from flipkart 3. a jays four for Rs.2900 from flipkart which one should i go for? is d logitech one gud enuf coz am gettin...
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    Need som help here!!!!!

    I need to buy a wireless router to replace my old beetel modem that i got frm airtel.... i need som sugestions as to wat i can get...the max i cn spend is 2k... I also want to buy a 2.1 or 5.1 sound system to conect wid my laptop... Max budget is 3-4k dependin on wat i get.... Plz...
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    want to connect laptop to tv!!

    i want to connect my laptop wid my CRT it posible..............are there any cables available..................... plz help guys....
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    need a wifi router!!!

    i want to buy a new wifi router to make my house wifi.... i hav a airtel broadband currently... plz suggest the same......i dont know how much these costs......but i would like to buy any router as cheap as posible... devices i want to conect are my laptop and my iphone..
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    want new earphones with mic!!!

    i want to buy a new pair of earphones preferably in-ear type with should sound good.can anyone suggest me something in the range of Rs.500-Rs.800. i am using the logitech hs165 now.they sound good, have a mic also but they get damaged very easily.i have got them exchanged under...
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    How to cut a microsim for iphone 4

    i bought a new iphone 4 but am not able to insert a microsim in it.i cut out a microsim using video from youtube but the phone is not reading it.what seems to be the there anyone who can do this in new delhi or there any place or shop where this can be done.plz help if...
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    Wanna Buy Android...Plz Help!!!

    Hey guys am plannin 2 buy an android fon .not sure which one.But am stuck between these Motorola Milestone XT720 Motorola Milestone HTC Desire I cannot find any good reviews about xt720 even though itz a gud fon.can any of u guys help me out
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    Counter Strike not working!!!!

    i recently got my new laptop(sony VPCEB14EN).the problem is that when i run my counter strike on this laptop it gives this problem(its been attached) plz tel me wat should i do to make this game run!!! other games i installed are runnning fine(aoe3,spiderman3,hitman3 etc) is it because i have...
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    Help on 2 topics!!!!

    TOPIC 1 i need to buy a laptop max budget of 38-39k.Selected the following: 1. MSI CX 620 (Rs.35000) 2.SONY E series (RS.39000) 3.Acer 5740g (RS.38000) Prob:-is MSI good enough since it is the cheapest.the only differnce between them is that MSI has 1gig 5470 and 500gig HD while the other two...
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