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    Suggest Good CPU Cooler and Thermal paste for my CPU

    i have an i3 3220 cpu. pls suggest good cpu cooler and paste as old intel cooler stopped working?
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    Suggestions to buy 4 GB DDR3 ram

    I already have a corsair vengeance 4 GB DDR3 ram. Should I buy the same or use different ram? Sent from my Moto Z2 Play using Tapatalk
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    Help,how can I repair my seasonic branded psu?

    My psu is not working. any one help me finding the service centre? Sent from my Moto Z2 Play using Tapatalk
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    Help, what's wrong with my phone wallpaper

    My phone wallpaper keep changing to a particular one after few minutes even I change it to another one.attaching the wallpaper Sent from my Moto Z2 Play using Tapatalk
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    YouTube network's plan to trademark 'react' sparks backlash

    YouTubers hit back at Fine Bros’ attempt to trademark word over fears that the pair are trying to seize entire concept of the reaction video format YouTube network's 'react' trademark attempt sparks backlash | Technology | The Guardia
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    Damn Silly Bug in LA Noire game install

    So i recently purchased the retail version of LA Noire game.i was so excited to play it.i installed the game and started the game.The loading screen comes up and few seconds later vanishes.Again double clicked the icon,same thing happens.then i thought may be its an graphics card problem as it...
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    Suggest a gud controller for PC ?

    For playing FIFA,COD
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    Negative Experience Fake Xbox Controller sent!

    I ordered a Xbox controller and it turned out to be fake.That too the seller have flipkart advantage badge! i lost all trust now!
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    [Praise] Dell Customer Support

    My desktop monitor had screen issue.Complaint registered yesterday noon.they replaced it on one morning new monitor arrived at home.excellent!
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    The Wittiest Complaint Letter To Snapdeal On Facebook

    The Wittiest Complaint Letter To Snapdeal On Facebook Hello Snapdeal I hope everything is good at your end. This is regarding order number 9535723 – Panda baby swing car. A gift for my nephew from my sister’s friends which was delivered to my address in broken condition. I am grateful...
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    Book costing 32 lakhs on flipkart,whts inside it?

    Foretold - Flipkart
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    Indian Startup Creates Portable Washing Machine Costing Only Rs 1500 / $25

    With a goal of placing a ‘washing machine in every household’ and with a vision of ‘When technology meets common man, World prospers’, a Mumbai based startup is aiming to offer fully functional, portable washing machines for only Rs 1500. This is unique one-of-its-kind device to wash clothes has...
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    The big Snapdeal screw up: Man orders smartphone, gets bar of soap instead

    The big Snapdeal screw up: Man orders smartphone, gets bar of soap instead - Firstpost It's not uncommon to hear bad experiences with e-commerce stories: your products are not delivered, sometimes they are lost and sometimes they are delivered to you, but not in one piece. But, Snapdeal...
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    help,getting error amd driver has stopped working and recovered

    whn i click play in batman AA,it shows black screen and crashes and returns to desktop and shows the above error.graphice card i use is r9 270x with latest 14.9 amd driver
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    Help,batman aa not launching!

    I am not able to play the game,whn clicking the shortcut nothing happens!!
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    suggest a gud wifi card for desktop

    suggest wifi card under rs 1000 for desktop
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    MB has only 3 fan to add 4th fan?

    MB i have is has 3 fan to connect a 4th fan?
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    Low profile gfx card for Dell vostro pc

    I have a Dell vostro pc with i3 3220 and 4gb ram. It requires low profile gfx card. Suggest me options.
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    Is 45 degree safe for i5 4440?

    From bios it's showing 45 degree. Is it normal?
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    Help, getting shock when I touch backside of cabinet

    I assembled new pc. When I touch the backside or the screws, I am getting shock. My cabinet is spec-03.
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