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    Nzxt Kraken g10

    Does anyone have a nzxt kraken g10 that they would like to sell? Sent from my SM-G531F using Tapatalk
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    I want to buy new monitor please help? the title says it all...because i hv gtx 1080 right now i am using dell 19.5 inch desperate to buy as somebody told me to buy better one please tell me which one is good monitor with gtx 1080?? Budget i dont know...not expensive..yeah cheap one Sent from my SM-G531F using...
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    New Monitor help?

    Hi..please tell me cheap 1440p monitor for gtx 1080 A friend recommended me this one Buy Dell P2416D 24 Monitor with QHD 23.8-Inch Screen, Black Online at Low Prices in India | Dell Reviews & Rating Otherwise i hv lcd tv (LG49lh600t)but it doesnt look good..i mean to say colour r...
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    Liquid cooling on gtx 1080 founder edition

    Hi..i was wondering abt to do liquid cooling on my msi gtx 1080 founder which things do i need to buy? 2nd* would I be voiding the warranty for my graphics card?I'm asking, because one of the screws has a warranty sticker and it is msi is india warranty Sent from my...
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    My gaming pc

    Hello..this is my gaming build how is it?or any other things do i need? Cpu:-i7 6700 Cooler:-deepcool maelstrom 120t liquid cooling Mobo:-gigabyte h110m-s2 ddr4 Memory:-16gb Hdd:-wd blue 1tb Gpu:-msi gtx 1080 reference card Psu:-corsair vs 550 Ups:-intex 1000va gama...
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    Dust filter

    Where can I buy dust filter in delhi market(india)?
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