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  1. rajesh00

    Suggest FHD TV 40+inch at max budget 50k

    Hi Guys,Its been very long time m here. Need some advice on getting Good 40+Inch TV(higher the better within budget).Should have Good clear Display and min or no motion blur.Should have ports for connecting playstation/HDD etc..And the last good service. - - - Updated - - - 100 views and no...
  2. rajesh00

    Suggestion need for a printer for home purpose.Max 3k

    Need a portable printer for occasional print outs. 50-100 pages is more than enough.It should have good quality font for reading.I have no idea about printers.Please also give some advice on maintaining and all those stuff.
  3. rajesh00

    Deepcool Teseract

    Just wanna show my new buy :wink: Old config though. :razz:
  4. rajesh00

    General Query Is ITDEPOT.COM a reliable site ?

    I have seen so many items with no warranty and some with warranty. Are they selling new items or used ones ?
  5. rajesh00

    Suggest Good Inverter for Home

    Need some advise to buy good Inverter and battery and which type to choose... Req: 6 Tube lights 5 Fans 2 CFL's 5 Zero Bulbs
  6. rajesh00

    Looking for Good Audio System for my Car..

    Hi guys,Need Touch screen Audio setup for my New Swift..So plz suggest me good system.. I don't really have any idea about car Audio..So the budget will be Avg.. And Tell me is it worth buying Touch screen system rather than normal one,apart from watching movies.. And Difference in...
  7. rajesh00

    Suggest Good Headset with mic < 2k

    Hello, Primary usage is Voice chat in game,skype.... Should be comfortable.. :)
  8. rajesh00

    Will US bought phones work in India ?

    My friend is Coming to India next month from US,so i'm planning to get nexus 5 or lg G2..Do they work in india or should i need to unlock it to get it worked ? And how do i unlock phone or to be done ? Need some details..
  9. rajesh00

    Suggest Good Gaming Mouse + Mousepad for 2k ..

    Looking to buy both Gaming Mouse and Mousepad..My Budget is max 2k...I play FPS games and especially Counter strike...Between my hands are small... Looking for good advice..:-)
  10. rajesh00

    Internet issues with Tp-link TD-W8968

    Recently, i bought Tp link TD-W8968 wifi router(300mbps ADSL2+,bgn router) and connected with the bsnl ADSL line... Frequently i'm experiencing request time out while pinging to local router from desktop and to the bsnl gateway ip and even BSNL DNS ip..Same goes while browsing,shows 'server not...
  11. rajesh00

    Is my laptop Dedicated GPU dead ?

    2 days back i purchased Sony vaio laptop Sony VAIO SVE14A15FN Laptop (2nd Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 640GB/ Win7 HP/ 1GB Graph) - Sony: It has a switchable graphics HD 3000 with HD 7570g/7670M...At first i thought the dedicated graphics will be used in high graphic contents like games,till...
  12. rajesh00

    How do i use my interent speed among my devices using wifi?

    I have 2mbps internet connection to my desktop pc.I want to use these speed to my laptop and my 2 Android devices.I heard it can be done by wifi.So suggest a cheapest best wifi device..And mentioned how do i setup it(i'm a beginner :( )
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