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    Haswell Laptops.

    macbook air 2013 haswell laptop is also available, in case you willing to shell out inr 75000 min. for 13 inch
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    Super Hexagon

    i installed the game after reading this post. yes i agree it is too tough a game. i can only reach 18 seconds. but it is addictive.
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    By Demand [August 2013]

    please include latest version of PDF reader(adobe reader, etc) and please include standalone installations and not the internet downloading installation types
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    What are effects of dropping 2 years for JEE-MAINS during placement

    i was thinking of getting a rank of 2k but due to normalization my rank drifted to 30k:shock::cry: i got chemical in nit nagpur due to obc i got 85% in hsc maharashtra board(97%ile) now i have no chance of cs
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    What are effects of dropping 2 years for JEE-MAINS during placement

    what effect does dropping 1year(i dropped one year gave aieee in 2012 then jee mains in 2013) have on the placement? i am getting a nit college(in top 10 nit) does it have the same effect as dropping 2 years in your case?
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    Xolo Play with 4.7-inch HD display, 1.5 GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor coming soon

    yeah you are right xolo play is rebranded chinese phone BEidou small chili
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    Post your Speedtest results

    RS 440 - 7GB LIMITED @ 10Mbps
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    laptop for computer science engineering

    my parents suggested me 13" macbook air 4th gen priced 65000(after 14% student discount on 75000). it has great battery but storage problem(128 GB only), and i donno whether it would suffice my light gaming requirement(not a hard core gamer here) and computer science course. please great...
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    laptop for computer science engineering

    0. CPU SHOULD BE PREFERABLY HASWELL 1. My budget is around 60k 2. Screen size 13-15" thin and light(less than 2.5 kg) 3. Brand: any reputed 4. programming Movies, surfing net and light gaming 5. 1600 x 900 or more, matte screen is preferred(glossy can also do) 6...
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    laptop for computer science engineering

    i am new to this forum so please help me out. i need a laptop that would be sufficient for the cse(computer science engineering) course. i dont know what all software i would have to use. i ocassionally play some games. i want a 13-14 inch light laptop. my engineering college will start from...
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    [help] xolo q700 dissplay issue

    the proximity sensor/light sensor of your device may have been covered by the screen guard, try cleaning the dust around it.
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