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    Color Ball my new game

    Color ball is a one touch challenging game where you have to match color of ball with the pillar by landing ball on it. Game Play: In color ball you have to match color of ball with the bottom area of pillar color by landing ball on it and top pillar change color of the ball. Control: Tap...
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    Android for testing apps and games Price within 15k

    Android phone for testing my apps(games). Budget 15k Must have keypad(slider) multitouch accelerometer GPS camera if possible front camera And plzzzz suggest a good fone from dev. point of view
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    This site has been blocked as per instructions from Department of Telecom (DOT)

    getting this on mediafire rapidshare sendspace ? ******************************************************** N ADMIN plz remove dis annoying thing this realy SUX:wwe: instead of this put some text matching captcha
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