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  1. pkkumarcool

    Need laptop under 35k

    Hey guys one of my relative want to purchase a basic laptop for study purposes.Please suggest. @omega44-xt 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 30k maximum strechable to 35k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Any 3) What are the primary tasks you will be...
  2. pkkumarcool

    LinkedIn Premium for jobs

    How to use linkedin premium for its full usage to get jobs at product base companies?I recently got it to apply for jobs. I tried messaging the recruiters personally to get referral.What are other methods? Anyone has any experience with that. @Desmond David @thetechfreak Did you got a job yet?
  3. pkkumarcool

    Windows Store apps not downloading on windows 10

    I am trying to download few apps through windows store on windows 10 but apps are not downoading.After searching for app and going on to its page I am able to own the app but not able to install it.When i click install nothing happens.This happen all of a sudden No windows update or anything.I...
  4. pkkumarcool

    How to backup photos from iphone without cluttering?

    Anyone know how to solve cluttering of camera pics with whatsapp attachment photos in iphone, Its hard to backup they all are mixing up.I tried Photos app still same result.How do you guys backup photos from iphone to external drive. @Nerevarine
  5. pkkumarcool

    How to make a live cd usb bootable?

    How do i make a live usb to recover files from corrupted windows Which ISO please suggest. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. pkkumarcool

    Macbook Air 2015 A1466 Battery Replacement

    I had purchased Macbook Air second hand from It was all fine but i wasnt aware of mac environment so i didnt check battery cycle Recently my macbook air is giving me issues very low battery backup and I am getting warning "Replace Soon" so i checked cam to know that its been 1200...
  7. pkkumarcool

    Pc boots up no display no led lights on cpu all fans spinning

    So my pc is running but no display is coming on the monitor.I checked the monitor by removing vga cable from cpu and its shows no signal So my monitor is fine. what i did >I removed ram and cleared it with eraser no display >removed and plugged back in cpu and hdd cabled no display. What can be...
  8. pkkumarcool

    Need Guide for Machine Learning

    I need to learn machine learning.I have seen many guides but all guide seem to be complex.Need a newbie guide for machine learning.Please suggest Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. pkkumarcool

    Looking for nvme ssd for Lenovo Y50-70

    Currently i am using its stock 1tb hdd+8gb ssd Please suggest best and cheap ssd for my lappy.Windows 10 on my lappy is nightmare it takes fully 4-6 minutes to completly start and taskbar icons to come.I have optimised my pc still the problem a good nvme ssd is only option.Please suggest any...
  10. pkkumarcool

    Harddisk HDtune Interface crc error count

    I am getting interface crc error count in hd tune pro on my laptop.I dont know what it is about the connection is fine with my hdd.I checked all other benchmarking tools all seem to be fine
  11. pkkumarcool

    How to use high speed ip to get high speed internet?

    I have broadband in which some sites provide high speed data peering like google,youtube,steam(5-6 mB/s) while on other websites i get slow speed according to my plan.How do i use ip to get good download speed any software/tweaks for that?
  12. pkkumarcool

    Lenovo y50-70 trackpad drivers issue with windows 10

    Trackpad drivers even after installing not working on bootup. I have to reinstall again through device manager to make it work every time pc boots up its just pain in a**.Anyone having similar issues? I am on 1709 v.
  13. pkkumarcool

    Realtek Audio Hd WIndows 10 glitch

    Its happening for me too when i plug in my headphone in 3.5mm jack reatek hd notification comes headphone plugged but sound doesnt come in headphone i think it is a glitch needs to be fixed latest realtek hd manager with windows 10.I have to restart my pc to make it work.I unistalled realtek hd...
  14. pkkumarcool

    How do I start learn c# and swift?

    Any good books videos which compiler to use? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. pkkumarcool

    Good topics for cse projects?

    Need advice regarding topics for final year project cse Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. pkkumarcool

    Need Help WD 2TB Hdd not showing drives light continously glowing

    I have wd 2tb external hdd it was on the table i dropped it from the table(about waist height) while sliding my laptop now the hdd is not showing drives.It shows under device manager,taskbar and devices and printers but not in disk management.I also tried DLG tool its also not showing there Its...
  17. pkkumarcool

    20rs recharge for 10rs airtel money/neft

    Hey guys i am giving 20rs talktime recharge in only 10 rs.Only 20rs recharge is available as of now.You can pay me via airtel money or via neft.If anyone want then pm me.
  18. pkkumarcool

    [Want to Buy] Android tablet with 3g and calling

    want to buy nexus a tablet should 3g,calling,android,fast processor,ram.Will mainy use for reading ebooks and web browing and youtube videos.Budget-5-6k
  19. pkkumarcool

    {HELP) Sbi debit card,3d secure and otp

    Hey guys i just got my new bank account.I got sbi visa debit card.I registered my fathers mobile no. for the account.My father already have sbi mastero card atm registered with the same no. the mastero card work perfectly for transaction and is 3d secure ready.But when i try to register my new...
  20. pkkumarcool

    23-24 inch tv cum monitor

    Hey guys i need help in buying a 23-24 inch tv cum monitor i dont need full hd or anything just want good screen size both are my primary use also some gaming not hardcore but good enough.i am even ok will low resolution 1024*768 or so ..but size should be good.suggest me few models. budget-14k
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