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  1. Coool

    Can anyone clarify??

    is this profile trisha krishnan's profile??:-P Trisha Krishnan | Facebook asking because: Uploaded with Don't take it wrong..just wants to know is that real one or not!!:smile:
  2. Coool

    Is this Netbook worth buying????

    One of my very best friend wants to buy a netbook...But his budget 17K he cant extend it anymore..I suggested him this Zenith netbook: Is this netbook worth buy???? or any other alternatives???
  3. Coool

    A variety doubt......

    Dont laugh at this:D... Okay here it is: While playing GTA san andreas, I got a doubt....How do the created that whole city in that game??????:twisted: I just need basic details...And please dont laugh:neutral:
  4. Coool

    Happy budday

    Happy budday to NucleusKore :)):grin:
  5. Coool


    Still No thread for N97:shock::shock::shock: Okay here it is :D
  6. Coool

    How can you guys forget spammer b'day?? (MHG)

    Happy birthday metalhead:D
  7. Coool

    N00b wants to buy some stuff from help him out!

    That n00b is non other than me:( coming to the point: i want to buy some stuff from by using discount coupon. The problem is, my parents dont have any credit card (my parents are still living in 18th centuary:mad:), and i dont have any paisa pay account too:(. is it possible to buy...
  8. Coool

    Enough is enough!!

    This fu(king forum is down for almost 2days!! What the hell admins are doing??
  9. Coool

    yay!! i managed to create a thread!!

  10. Coool

    B'day thread is back

    Happy budday adi007:D :D:D
  11. Coool

    NZ lost to india

    Well the tittle says the all......:D GO NZ GO:D Source: TV
  12. Coool

    Happy birthday to ashu888ashu888

    Happy birthday Ashu:D
  13. Coool

    Sony VAIO P Launched in India

    After impressing many at the CES 2009, Sony's ogle-worthy slim netbook VAIO P has finally arrived in India. With a thin, 19.8mm body, the VAIO P will be available in two models - VGN-P13GH and P15G - in India. The models will be available from Sony owned or authorized outlets for Rs. 49,990...
  14. Coool

    SA kicks the @$$ of AUS...

    After the historic test victory, south africa once again beats the australia in a odi series with a match to spare and wins the series with 3-1.. today's match summary: aus won the toss and chose to bat first. With the two early blows, ponting and hussey tried to rebuild the innings at one...
  15. Coool

    laptop reviews website

    is there any website which has all laptop reviews at one place just like gsmarena for mobiles....?? No
  16. Coool

    1st Nokia and 5th sony ericsson.

    The end of 2008 saw a major shift in the global GSM market. The Korean manufacturer LG managed to go ahead of both Sony Ericsson and Motorola and secured a third position globally in terms of sold units. The lot is still led by Nokia and Samsung, who are yet to announce their 2008 results in...
  17. Coool

    3G for mumbai in feb......

    MTNL is launching 3G services in feb for mumbai....
  18. Coool


    Happy birthday to dreamcatcher Happy birthday to sony ericsson dreamer 'dreamcatcher (20)' and everyone else.... take a knife and cut this cake from your moniter:D:D:D Have a blast dreamer (sony ericsson)...:D:D
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