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  1. funkysourav

    [Want to Buy] GTX 750 Ti

    Hello guys, I am looking for a GTX 750Ti Graphics card in good condition, to replace my current gpu. The target price is Rs.3500 including shipping. I reside at Purulia West Bengal 723101. Post here or pm me your offers. p.s. 3.5K is the absolute max i am willing to spend, so please don't post...
  2. funkysourav

    Need Help buying a Kobo Touch Ereader from Ebay seller

    Hi Guys! I am interested in buying a Kobo Touch EBook Reader from an Ebay listing as given below Kobo Touch E Reader 15cm Silver | eBay The problem is that the seller does not ship to my location , i.e. my location is not serviceable by them you can check if a location is serviceable by...
  3. funkysourav

    Batman : Arkham Knight

    I liked Arkham Origins Its more of the same Arkham City with little to no changes but with some bugs nonetheless it was enjoyable for me.
  4. funkysourav

    Moto E discussion thread

    that wasn't helpful There aren't any youtube videos showing Moto E playing XCOM do you have a specific link?
  5. funkysourav

    Looking for a Rs. 3000 smartphone.

    I personally feel if the person who intends to use the phone has no use for high end features and latest OS and graphics intensive games,there is no shame in buying the sub 4K androids. If your usage is mainly playing some videos listening to music and surfing the web, these phones would be...
  6. funkysourav

    Moto E discussion thread

    Has anyone tried playing XCOM and GTA san andreas on this phone?
  7. funkysourav

    GPU with Low Power Consumption, budget 15K

    Well I'd say that I stopped reading Digit Magazines 6 years ago, but I didn't stop browsing the Digit forums (If you get what I mean).
  8. funkysourav

    GPU with Low Power Consumption, budget 15K

    the psu is available from ITdepot snapdeal amazon and other sites Buy Online Seasonic Eco Series 600W Power Supply (SS-600BT) in india Seasonic Eco Series 600W Power Supply - Buy @ Best Price in India | Snapdeal Seasonic ECO 600 600 Watts PSU Price: Buy Seasonic ECO 600 600 Watts PSU Online in...
  9. funkysourav

    GPU NEWS Channel

    actually I am thankful for that, that I don't have to upgrade right now, and if I do upgrade, it won't matter much by 2016 By the time Dx12 becomes mainstream, I'd have an excuse and the monies to revamp my system.
  10. funkysourav

    GPU with Low Power Consumption, budget 15K

    Your PSU is actually a Seventeam manufactured 450w unit with some upgraded internals and a fake rating from Cooler Master. It is advisable to get a GPU with a TDP of not more than 100 watts i.e. if you want to keep using the PSU. As such, get the GTX 750Ti for around 12k. I'd also recommend you...
  11. funkysourav

    GPU NEWS Channel

    I think its more of a Hardware optimization, games that support DX 12 will be more optimized for multiple CPU cores and stuff. read this article for more info DirectX 12 vs. Mantle: Comparing PC gaming's software-supercharged future | PCWorld
  12. funkysourav

    GPU NEWS Channel

    http:// DirectX 12: A Major Stride for Gaming | NVIDIA Blog All the pre GCN DX11 cards by AMD has been left in the lurch :( namely the HD 6000 and HD 5000 series (including my extremely capable HD 6850 but thankfully...
  13. funkysourav

    GPU NEWS Channel - SAPPHIRE DUAL-X 14-202-099 Radeon R9 280 3GB 384-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 CrossFireX Support Video Card - XFX Black Edition Double D R9-280A-TDBD Radeon R9 280 3GB 384-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card a couple R9 280 has appeared on...
  14. funkysourav

    Clue about Malaysian airlines

    I didn't get what you meant by this. what do you mean "You" searched and explored 1086 tile maps?
  15. funkysourav

    Will GTX 760 or R9 270x Work with CORSAIR GS600

    it would work easily and with spare headroom
  16. funkysourav

    GPU NEWS Channel

    NVIDIA Drops Driver Support for over a Hundred Graphics Cards
  17. funkysourav

    Which is better GTX 660 2gb or Sapphire r9 270x

    I'd say R9 270x is better between the two its better performer, has GCN cores which may be utilized in future games (Mantle API), has DirectX 11.2 (GTX660 has 11) so by a margin 270x is more "Future Proof".
  18. funkysourav

    Entry to Mid level GPU needed

    I thought the VS450 had 22 amps on +12V? @OP can you please check the psu rating and tell us what its rated for on +12v? it can be found on the right side of the PSU or on box
  19. funkysourav

    Batman : Arkham Knight

    Harley looks like some anime princess, and beautiful. not at all emanating the madness and psychosis the character requires. Harley is a psychotic criminal with a very monogamous relation with the Joker, so I fail to understand why the designers wanted to go for a seductress look! or is it just...
  20. funkysourav

    Batman : Arkham Knight

    didn't know your wife had serious mental stability issues and has a sadistic self mutilating psychopath for a boyfriend. there's even white paint on her face! (fair and lovely? or maybe not) BURN!!! Batman without the cape? wtf is this? Batman the Grey knight? Capeless crusader? maybe someone...
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