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  1. funkysourav

    [Want to Buy] GTX 750 Ti

    Hello guys, I am looking for a GTX 750Ti Graphics card in good condition, to replace my current gpu. The target price is Rs.3500 including shipping. I reside at Purulia West Bengal 723101. Post here or pm me your offers. p.s. 3.5K is the absolute max i am willing to spend, so please don't post...
  2. funkysourav

    Need Help buying a Kobo Touch Ereader from Ebay seller

    Hi Guys! I am interested in buying a Kobo Touch EBook Reader from an Ebay listing as given below Kobo Touch E Reader 15cm Silver | eBay The problem is that the seller does not ship to my location , i.e. my location is not serviceable by them you can check if a location is serviceable by...
  3. funkysourav

    Is It Possible to Run a R9 280x or Any Other 250watt Card on Corsair VX450(40 Amp)

    As the thread says, I want to know if it is possible to run a R9 280x on a VX450 PSU? Corsair VX 450 is rated at 33 amp at+12v rail (396 watts) but is in actuality a 550 watt PSU with more than 40+ amps on +12v, as shown/tested on Hardwaresecrets, all the while maintaining clean power and...
  4. funkysourav

    Where can I buy Bitefenix Phenom M or Prodigy M?

    As thread suggests, I am looking to buy Bitfenix Phenom M or Prodigy M cabinet from any online retailer or any Brick and Mortar Hardware store. Where can I find one? please don't say Global Easy Buy, those are overpriced like hell.
  5. funkysourav

    Where can I buy Bitfenix Phenom M or Prodigy M ?

    moved wrong section
  6. funkysourav

    Is the Radeon HD6850 still relevant for gaming at 900p (1600x900)?

    The Sapphire radeon HD6850 on my PC turned 3 years old today and its still going strong despite its age. In part due to regular cleaning (once every year) and a generous undervolt at stock clocks for lower temps. however the advent of the value GCN cards like HD7790/r7 260x and r9 270 are...
  7. funkysourav

    Alternative to BSA Photon EX bicycle in about 4-5k

    I am riding a BA Photon EX Bicycle for the last four years, Its a great Hybrid/Urban bicycle which picks up speeds without much effort. Now after 4 years of use, the bike is showing signs of wear and tear as I average around 10 Kms a day. Is there any alternative to BSA Photon within 4-5k...
  8. funkysourav

    "Professionally" Microwaved Samsung Galaxy S4 on sale for $5400 only

    Came across this weird listing on Professionally Microwaved Samsung Galaxy S4 Latest Model Sign Dated by Artist 887276988139 | eBay Some guy just microwaved his brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 and is now selling it for 5300 Dollars for use as a work of art ! At first i thought...
  9. funkysourav

    Need help deciding between LG Nitro HD , LG Escape P870 ,Pantech Flex and Pantech Burst

    Hi guys, I need help deciding between these 3 phones LG Nitro HD (13.5k Rs. landing price) LG Nitro HD - Full phone specifications Best Screen 326 ppi, Moderate Hardware, Excellent Modder/Dev support on XDA,Multiple stable Roms, Great Camera, Has Jellybean (from dev/mods) Not quite new as its a...
  10. funkysourav

    Does Dropping a year in B.Sc Physics hurt your career considerably?

    Hi Guys I am pursuing B.Sc in Physics (Currently 2nd Year) from the college at my hometown. I gave my Part 2 (Paper 3 and Paper 4) examinations this week and they were terrible to say the least and i'm convinced that i'd fail. So i am considering dropping this year altogether and appear for...
  11. funkysourav

    Budget 5-10K Super VFM phones like Pantech Burst (Imported from US) on Ebay/Amazon etc

    Hi guys i was thinking, are there any other Superbly Value for Money phones other than Pantech Burst which could be imported from US (Unlocked) ? Budget is not more than 10k. p.s. I've heard that Pantech Flex is available for 180-200$
  12. funkysourav

    [Want to Buy] New or sparingly used Zte Blade/Dell XCD35 (512MB RAM)

    I am looking for a New(unused) or sparingly used Dell XCD35/ZTE Blade to buy for myself. the Phone should have 512MB RAM. Post here or PM me your offers Bump :)
  13. funkysourav

    Help me set up my DSL internet Connection in Puppy Linux (Precise)

    Hi there I am using a Precise Puppy(LXPUP) on my laptop for the last few days I am quite amazed with the speed and responsiveness while using it. However I have a problem I can't for the life of me set up my DSL Broadband Connection(from BSNL India) for use with this OS. But I never did...
  14. funkysourav

    Recommend me a Laptop within 30K

    Hi Guys i need to buy a laptop for a friend I need you to recommend me a good sturdy laptop for everyday use(no Gaming, No HD playback)
  15. funkysourav

    Lightheadedness, Nausea while playing Borderlands?

    Hi guys I just want to know does anyone else feel lightheadedness/nausea while playing Borderlands? i cant even play it more than half an hour without straining my eyes:( i tried a fix but it doesn't help at all just want to know if anyone else is facing this issue, is the game at...
  16. funkysourav

    Please suggest a 500GB or 1TB portable external HDD

    Hi guys, as the title suggests Please suggest a VFM 500GB or 1TB portable external HDD Looking to spend less than 3.5k-4k:smile: Looking for suggestions in Seagate, WD and maybe Buffalo (preference in that order)
  17. funkysourav

    Screen Flashing Bug in Crysis 2007

    I am facing some weird "Flashing Textures" bug in Crysis 2007 I was playing the "Reckoning" stage just when i come out of the ship to Kill the alien hunter, the textures of the sky starts flashing uncontrollably weird thing is when i turn towards any other thing except the sky, it turns...
  18. funkysourav

    Convenient Video resizing software needed

    Hi guys, does anyone know any good application to conveniently resize videos? The features i need Multithreading/GPU accelearation support is appreciated. Queuing Resize multiple episodes at once Good resizing ratio without compromising on quality for the output resolution I need to...
  19. funkysourav

    Crysis Freezing when loading next stage

    Hi guys i always have heard that Crysis is buggy, well it was just a word for me until now when i have come to face it up close everytime (well most of the time) i complete a given stage or chapter and the game's supposed to load the next stage, it freezes so i would load a previous save...
  20. funkysourav

    Recommend me books for Physics Hons 1st year

    Hi guys as the name suggests, i need you to recommend me books to study for my 1st year at physics Hons course I will be joining a college under the Burdwan University this year:-) I passed out of school at 2008, but had to drop/sit at home 3 years due to health reasons due to this gap i...
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