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  1. Sujeet

    iOS 5.1.1 jailbroken..

  2. Sujeet

    The Windows 8 Thread

    The Next "Big Thing" in Windows Line Up of OS is Here-Windows 8. Windows 8 Microsoft is calling it as a rebirth of their Existence, with inception of Windows 8. Windows 8 is first Windows OS which has been designed to run on both ARM and X86 Machines. Windows-On-Arm aka Windows RT is...
  3. Sujeet

    "Webistes Blocked By ISP"-Complaints.

    We are receiving too many complains and pleadings from our members about their beloved torrent sharing sites and Video Sharing websites being blocked. If you have any similar issue of Facing Websites being blocked by your ISP and Operator post your complaints and Queries here. You may...
  4. Sujeet

    Anonymous Takes Down Indian Gov Sites

    Anonymous shoots back at Indian Govenrment trying to Censor the Web as we know. After all that news and complaints of MTNL/Reliance and other ISP Broadband Users of sites getting blocked this has come up. Source. We Are The Legion.We Are Anonymous.We Are Not Impotent :wink:
  5. Sujeet

    Airtel 3G prices reduced !

    Biggest News coming this evening Source LOL Today itself when i went to recharge store for routine recharge The guy informed me that Airtel 3G Prices has dropped realising that i am one of the regular customer of 3G Coupons and I went freaky. Bought 7 ,11rs Cards right away.(~80rs)...
  6. Sujeet

    7 Inch Ipad Coming!!!

    Continue Here....
  7. Sujeet

    Square Enix India Game Development contest 2012

    News 1: Square Enix Comes To India ! SOURCE News 2:The Contest SOURCE:IVG
  8. Sujeet

    Game Dev Salary Avg 40 Lacs!!

    OK Too Much talks about the games. Lets Shed some light on the Guys who make them happen. Source:How Much Do Game Developers Make? - Games News at IGN With that avg figures its clear that Max Profit Goes To Publisher. Ofcourse everybody knew that. Still these guys sincerely deserve such large...
  9. Sujeet

    Angry Birds Space

    lxI1L1RiSJQ Android User: Source:Rovio launches Angry Birds Space for iOS, Android, PC and Mac - Video Games | Games Reviews Online in India - Video Games | Games Reviews Online in India
  10. Sujeet

    90.6% Indians still dont have Computer/Laptop!!!

    The Census Data 2011 For Phase I is out And according To it 90% of Indians still dont have Computer/Laptop: Head to this link for complete Survey Report 2011-12 .Phase 1 Census of India : Houselisting and Housing Census Data Highlights - 2011 Source:Times Of India/
  11. Sujeet

    Another raid on the Pirate Bay.

    Authorities are said to be gearing up for another raid on the Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay was last raided in 2006, which led to the conviction of the four Pirate Bay founders.
  12. Sujeet

    Mercenary Ops:Epic Goes PC Happy!!

    Finaly Epic China is working on an PC excluisve third Person action shooter On-the-line Of Ultimate Gears Of War.!!! Former Splinter Cell Devs are working on this new Unreal Engine based PC Shooter. Check out Cover By IGN: Mercenary Ops Definitely Feels Like an Epic Game - PC Preview at...
  13. Sujeet

    Zorin:Linux OS That Looks and Behaves Like Windows 7

    Source:Zorin is a Linux OS That Looks and Behaves Like Windows7 Get It Here:
  14. Sujeet

    Hitman 5: Absolution

    Gear Up People.Its time get your hands dirty again With Agent 47. Its Better And Bloodier than ever! New Instinct System To Track Enemies. Modified(Too much!)Cover Sytem...Superb Stealth AS ever. Visuals Seems Shiny in Gameplay Videos. Slow-motion tag-target Shooting System. Classic Disguise...
  15. Sujeet

    Transformers : Fall Of Cybertron

    Transformers:Fall Of Cybertron : The Direct Sequel To Transformers: War For Cybertron The Top Notch 2010 Third Person Shooter Action/Adventure Game From Hasbro and High Moon Studios Is Going To Hit Stores In Fall this Year. War for cybertron featured some seriously intensive...
  16. Sujeet

    Windows 7 BOOTMGR #%$#@%

    By mistake i changed the active partiton on my Windows 7 Enterprise 32Bit PC. Now the boot up shows BOOTMGR missing error. I tried remarking the C: drive as active using command prompt using Win 7 disc but that didnt solve the problem. The automatic Windows Installation Detection Utiliy that...
  17. Sujeet

    MSI GTX550Ti 1GB Cyclone II VS. Sapphire HD6770 1GB GDDR5

    Among the MSI GTX550Ti and sapphire HD Radeon 6770 which is better ! Please suggest about the best one on the basis of performance and benchmarks..value for money,etc not necessary! Have to get one for my friend!:lol: Ofcourse it will be used for Heavy gaming ! Specially for handling 3d apps...
  18. Sujeet

    CFonverting Internal SATA DVD drive to External USB drive

    i own 1 yr old HCL lappy which has given up on its DVD drive ..earlier it used to reject detecting disks ocassionally but now it has failed completely and i havnet tried fixing it using DVD lens cleaner so far at the same time My desktop pc has ide DVD drive but it cant be connected to mobo(no...
  19. Sujeet

    GPU for 3.5k!! URGENT

    1. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company and model) Ans:El cheapo VIP 450 WATT(dont bother about it..i will get new after this) 2. What is your budget? Ans:3500/- 3. Which resolution will you game at? Ans:Should handle moderate 16:9 resolutions 720p preferable 4...
  20. Sujeet

    How to determine PSU watt req. For system!!!

    I have seen many people posting threads for psu for specific rigs and receiving decent and satisfactory ans from TDF guys but how actually is the power req. calculated for system!!! I mean i have seen several online psu watt calculators from different psu manufacturers but are they of any good...
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