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  1. Cool Buddy

    Looking for a Gigabit router

    I have been looking to upgrade to a Gigabit router. Today there is a sale on Amazon where TP-Link Archer C80 AC1900 is available for ₹3400 as compared to its usual price of ₹4500. Is this a good router and should I go for it?
  2. Cool Buddy

    [Want to Buy] Non-working Nokia 6.1 Plus with a working charging port

    Looking to repair my own phone which has a damaged charging port.
  3. Cool Buddy

    RAM & SSD upgrades for Asus Vivobook 14

    I have an Asus Vivobook 14 laptop (full config in signature). It came with a 4 GB soldered RAM and 4 GB RAM in the only RAM slot. It also came with 250 GB NVMe SSD. The laptop is mostly used for coding and internet browsing. I rarely watch any movies on it, but I do watch YouTube videos, mostly...
  4. Cool Buddy

    Synology DS220+ NAS Review

    Before I begin the review, I would like to thank Digit and Synology for giving me this opportunity to review the NAS unit and also add the disclosure that the NAS unit was provided by Digit, in association with Synology, along with a 3.5” 1 TB Seagate Barracuda hard drive as a part of this...
  5. Cool Buddy

    Sites not opening or are very slow after deploying nginx before Apache

    I have a VPS with Contabo. Currently using their cheapest option which offers 2 vCPU cores and 4 GB of RAM. I am running NextCloud, Piwigo, and BookStack on it. Since I'm the only user, and I use only one service at a time (max 2 if any NC Sync is running). I had configured all of these...
  6. Cool Buddy

    Android phone for 20k - Avoiding heavily customized OS versions

    1. Budget? Up to 20k 2. Display type and size? I prefer as small as possible, under 6 inches, but there's really no choice in the market for small screens these days 3. Dual sim? Not particular about it 4. Preferred choice of brand? No Nokia. I am just discarding a Nokia which developed...
  7. Cool Buddy

    Audio driver keeps getting corrupted

    I am using Asus Vivobook 14 with Windows 10 May 2020 update. Two days back my laptop's audio stopped working. I was convinced that it was not a hardware issue. I tried reinstalling the drivers, disabling and enabling the audio service, etc. But nothing worked. Finally I did a system restore and...
  8. Cool Buddy

    ASUS VivoBook 14 M409DA-EK147T With Ryzen 5 - Early Review

    I recently bought the ASUS VivoBook 14 M409DA-EK147T laptop. I decided to post this review after having used it for some 10 days. I'll try to update my review after a couple of months if there is any major change in my opinions. I bought it from Amazon for 30k on a 3-month no cost EMI. First...
  9. Cool Buddy

    Raspberry Pi 4 - devil's curse from hell

    This is probably going to end up less a review of the product and more of a rant about my awful experience with the Raspberry Pi 4. However, at the risk of the post getting deleted by the mods, I would still like to go ahead with it. I had been wanting to buy a Pi for some time now. I didn't...
  10. Cool Buddy

    Powered 3/4 Port USB 3.0/3.1 hub for Raspberry Pi

    I recently bought a Raspberry Pi and I wish to connect two portable hard drives to it as I'm using it as NAS and media server. However, it seems the Pi cannot handle two hard drives with its own power supply. Please recommend a 3/4 port powered USB hub which supports USB 3.0 and is reliable...
  11. Cool Buddy

    Accessing home network through the internet

    I have a USB drive connected to my router. I want this drive to be accessible from anywhere on the internet. The router supports this functionality. However, my ISP assigns me a NAT IP. Which means my router is accessible only from within my ISP's network. Is it possible to expose my router to...
  12. Cool Buddy

    [Want to Buy] Amazon Echo Dot/Input

    I'm looking for an Amazon Echo device, either Dot or Input will do as I have spare bluetooth speakers to connect it to. Price around 1k
  13. Cool Buddy

    Setting up a home theatre for around ~1 Lakh

    I am thinking of setting up a home theatre. The whole setup will be bought in multiple stages (maybe over 2-3 years, depending on the total cost) as I can't afford to spend a huge amount at one go. However, I want to understand the whole setup and plan it out, so that I don't end up buying...
  14. Cool Buddy

    Unable to boot using USB on HP laptop

    I recently got an SSD for my laptop and was trying to do a clean install of Windows on it. However, I am unable to boot from a USB drive. I tried creating a bootable drive using Rufus as well as Microsoft's media creation utility. None of them work. I get a message at boot saying the selected...
  15. Cool Buddy

    Installing windows 10 on an SSD on HP Pavilion G6 Laptop

    I recently bought an SSD with a caddy and put it in my HP Pavilion G6 laptop. However, I am unable to install Windows on the SSD. I had formatted my SSD into NTFS drives with GPT. My primary partition was bigger than my current C drive. These are the things I have tried already: I cloned my C...
  16. Cool Buddy

    Upgrade laptop storage with caddy

    I have an HP Pavillion G6 laptop. Since I no longer use the DVD drive, I was thinking I could add an SSD to it with a caddy. However, when I look up on Amazon, SSD form factor says 7 mm but all caddies say 9.5 mm. Reference links...
  17. Cool Buddy

    Some apps don't work on wi-fi, but work on mobile data

    I recently bought Nokia 6.1 Plus. It's running Android 8.0.1 September security patch. Ever since I bought this phone, some apps have not been working with my wi-fi connection, specifically, Quora and Netflix. All other apps work fine, I am able to browse internet, make WhatsApp video calls...
  18. Cool Buddy

    PC for data analytics and programming for ~30k

    Hi all. My laptop has stopped working and since I have an office laptop, I thought I might go for a desktop which will give me better performance for lower price. And I'll also get to use a 22" monitor which I have lying around. So just trying to get a sense of what's out there in the market...
  19. Cool Buddy

    Laptop RAM Upgrade

    I have an HP Pavilion G6 Laptop with 4 GB of RAM. I want to upgrade the RAM. I was considering upgrading with an 8 GB module so that I would have a total of 12 GB RAM. Will I face any stability issues if one slot has 4 GB module and another has 8 GB? Or would it be a better idea to upgrade...
  20. Cool Buddy

    Desktop for Internet Browsing - Normal Config or Raspberry Pi 2?

    Recently my laptop has been giving me a lot of problems. These days I am not doing much on it anyway. Hence I am thinking of buying a cheap desktop setup. The requirement for this machine is very low: Should be able to run web broswers with 4-5 tabs Should be able to open Docx, Xlsx and...
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