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  1. yashthedude

    Unable to Install Directx...Error Comes...Installation Failed.

    When I try to install directX an error pops up "an internal error occured refer to directx.log" any ideas? When i checked the log it says! 06/12/13 11:31:01: DXWSetup: CDXWSetup::CDXWSetup() 06/12/13 11:31:01: DXWSetup: CDXWSetup::DownloadDXUpdate() 06/12/13 11:31:01: DXWSetup...
  2. yashthedude

    Ducati Multistrada

    The Multistrada is a model of motorcycle introduced by Ducati in 2003. The word Multistrada is Italian for "many roads" as the bike is designed to handle asphalt as well as some unpaved surfaces. Essentially the bike is a hybrid of a supermoto and a sport touring motorcycle. Its upright riding...
  3. yashthedude

    HTC ONE X || Disscusion

    Yeah i too feel a bit but it has an effect like an ipod iwht poweramp application and when i equalise it it is ok the official player is badass
  4. yashthedude

    HTC ONE X || Disscusion

    How can U say that i have got hands on One X and will get hands on GS3 soon If u dont have it then wat the hell i can do......:nanananana:
  5. yashthedude

    HTC ONE X || Disscusion

    Your Welcome buddy
  6. yashthedude

    UPGRAGE from Android 2.1 to higher version

    It is possible i dont know but i heard by booting something wait my knows it i will ask him and tell you
  7. yashthedude

    HTC ONE X || Disscusion

    Buddy just you can change the operating system but wat about the hardware?? Hardware maters a lot buddy
  8. yashthedude

    HTC ONE X || Disscusion

    I dunno about One S but had tried one X and it rocks I will try One S's SQ
  9. yashthedude

    Best sounding inner earphones under 500 rupees

    Yeah i read that i know it But wat is the need ervyone needs mic. WTF??
  10. yashthedude

    Need advice in gaming rig again !

    Here's your super gaming config. Core i7 2600k @ 15.9k Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 @ 9.5k Corsair Vengeance 4GB @ 2k MSI HD6970 2GB @ 20.5k Corsair GS 600W @ 4k CoolerMaster CM690 II Advanced (Transparent Side panel) @ 5k BenQ G2222HDL FULL HD LED @ 8.5k Seagate 1TB @ 2.7k Razer Death...
  11. yashthedude

    Best sounding inner earphones under 500 rupees

    Why the hell everyone needs mic. ?? Earphones are for listening audio everyone is doing **** here with mic.
  12. yashthedude

    HTC ONE X || Disscusion

    I think u r confused bcoz i myself tested it in One "X" The audio system is like an Ipod one. If dont like it then wat the hell can I do??
  13. yashthedude

    Suggest a good 5.1 speaker system ~15k

    I think u shud get this one Zebronics ZEB-SW8500RUCF 5.1 Multimedia Speakers | Speaker |
  14. yashthedude

    Best sounding inner earphones under 500 rupees

    Just get this one bebay SoundMAGIC PL13 Headphone | Headphone |
  15. yashthedude

    HTC ONE X || Disscusion

    Why you are going to XPeria U and Sensation X this is ONE X forum The feature I like the most Beats Audio System is rockin the sound of it I got an Ipod effect in it and truely respects its audio system
  16. yashthedude

    HTC One V - My first Android device.

    Now guys i think we shud moove here now Coz this is maybe a good topic to disucss
  17. yashthedude

    4G vs WiMax

    Normally its very hard to get the user experience of both and its not cheap too the cost makes people stop at only 3g
  18. yashthedude

    HTC ONE X || Disscusion

    Yeah that thing was noticed by me too Im the desire HD owner and then my frnd is one x owner If u ask me I would surely prefer Desire HD than One X Cheaper and No tension But the thing wich i wanna tell is that nobody needs that much powerfull phones Just an avg. phone is good...
  19. yashthedude

    Nehru Place OR Lamington Road

    I prefer wall street or down street Go there and make ur hell
  20. yashthedude

    Website Suggestion?

    So u need a business mind or an MBA top student to do that first of all u have to make ur budget not a small one a!! then you have to advertise your site on diferent sites and newspapers. Then ur TRP will be high I can be ur partner
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