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  1. akshaykapoor_3

    Switch to Bank Job from IT? Yes or No

    I switched back to my previous company when I left bank. You can find some good companies in Chandigarh/Mohali. Let me know If I can help in any way.
  2. akshaykapoor_3

    Switch to Bank Job from IT? Yes or No

    Just completed reading your post. Sounds like my own story. I am from Chandigarh and working in IT sector since last 4 years. After working for 2 years, I joined SBP as a PO and resigned after 11 months of service. Salary, work culture, postings and organization's attitude made the life...
  3. akshaykapoor_3

    Suggest a tablet from these five [URGENT]

    Hi All, Please suggest a tablet from the list below. Performance and ease of use are primary concerns. Cost is not. Will be used by my dad. Acer Iconia w4 Asus T100 Dell Venue 8 Pro HP Omni 10 Lenovo MIIX 2 8" Thanks for your help. -Akshay
  4. akshaykapoor_3

    Learning Java

    Abhishek, How old are you.?? You want to learn Java just for knowledge sake or are you already into computer studies and willing to take up some IT job pretty soon..?? Presently, I am working as a Software Developer Java with a company from the last 2 years. Believe me, working in the...
  5. akshaykapoor_3

    Official iOS devices thread

    I need a good screenguard for my 4S... Tried Amzer and some other local stuff and all of a sudden bubbles are popping up now. It has a matte finish and is spoiling the look and feel of my phone. Please suggest some good brands (If you've tried them allready)
  6. akshaykapoor_3

    Apple iphone 5 Is Finally Out

    Even more content with the 4S now :) Apple actually missed it this time...!! Give me iOS 6 and that's all i want..
  7. akshaykapoor_3

    Java Queries Here..

    May I know why you want to perform this..? Default ArithmeticException doesnt do the job ?? Secondly, you have used the parent 'Exception' class for extension in order to define your CustomException. However, this is not a good approach as this code will trigger your custom exception for...
  8. akshaykapoor_3

    Java Queries Here..

    For digging deeper into java starting from the basics, I would suggest this book by Cay Horstmann. I have read it and it helps a lot with the fundamentals Java is build upon. SDK for both Java and Cpp..?? Probably you are asking for a common Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Eclipse...
  9. akshaykapoor_3

    Apple Ipad event!

    Voice dictation will be a part of iOS 5.1 update ?? I have an iPad 2 and wondering if updating the OS would add this feature..
  10. akshaykapoor_3

    Javascript passing option's value to a function

    Also go through DOM Model in Javascript which is used to acces various element values in the form or on the page you have designed in HTML. Simply put, DOM Model helps you access the variuos form elements in a logical heirarchical manner. <this.value> although acts as a shortcut and will work...
  11. akshaykapoor_3

    Is it possible to do INTERNSHIP ABROAD ??

    Hii. I'm doin MCA and presently completed my 4th sem.. In d 6th sem ((known as d Training sem)) we need to do a Software Development Project in some company fr 6 months ... Is is possible that i join some company abroad for the above mentioned purpose..?? If yes, then kindly guide me with the...
  12. akshaykapoor_3

    AMD Promotion... Get Freebies..~~

    your get personalized AMD gadget for free, if you have purchased an AMD processor or graphics card. It’s time to choose your favorite gadget. You can select personalized Business Cards, an iPodskin (iPod Touch and iPod Nano), a Mobile phone skin (iPhone and Blackberry) or a Laptop/PC skin...
  13. akshaykapoor_3

    Please Suggest a 802.11 g/n series router

    Thanks fr ur reply.. But It doesnt have USB Support. IF i dont go for USB port then WRT54G2 is equally good i guess.. available for 2.7k This device seems to be good as well as it has inbuilt ADSL. I also went through an ASUS product wl520gu.. Pls check it out. Seems gud to me
  14. akshaykapoor_3

    Please Suggest a 802.11 g/n series router

    I use BSNL Broadband connection at my home. I use a laptop and plan to switch to wifi connectivity. Presently i have a huawei MT882 Modem. I was looking for a decent g/n series router from Linksys/Netgear/D-link. I had the following questions in my mind a) Will i be able to use my present...
  15. akshaykapoor_3

    Google Wave invites!!!

    Hii :smile: ... Do u have a spare Google wave invite Left... Kindly mail me 1 at Thanks... :) ----------------------------------------- Posted again: ----------------------------------------- Hi :smile:.... Kindly send me the new Orkut invitation at...
  16. akshaykapoor_3

    n70 vs k530i vs n3120c ??

    Well, I would suggest you to go for SE K530i this phone is too good for its price range and performance. D camera takes really nice pics and the sound quality is good as well. If u like sleek design candybar phones den u shud definitely go for it. For Nokia 2700 Classic, Being a 3G phone...
  17. akshaykapoor_3

    Windows Vista Home Premium Original DVD

    CD Bubble ??? ^^^ Oh yes, I do have the original key with me.. Where can i sell this DVD ?
  18. akshaykapoor_3

    Windows Vista Home Premium Original DVD

    I hav this original DVD of Windows Vista (Home Premium) since long. Actually my Brother got this from Microsoft when this OS was launched. Now, I really dont know what do i do with the DVD.. lolz.. never installed it because i was allready using a better version of the OS when i got this. So...
  19. akshaykapoor_3

    Problem running Torrent Service in my College Computers

    Turn on Protocol Encryption under utorrent settings.. This has always worked for me in college and also check if the port is forwarded. this should work for you
  20. akshaykapoor_3

    Power Calibration Error

    At times dis happens due to bad media as well.. which brand DVD's r u using ?
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