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  1. chandan3

    Carrer planing

    I am chandan, 24 year old .jobless, graduation in I have poor academic background., *I dont know what to do next, *.please tell me which course , job allow me to travel the world and I would be financial freedom balanced *life. .I want to be rich. I like accounts , mathematics. Ca , cma...
  2. chandan3

    Kz ed9 v/s hom smile jamaica

    hello guys i m looking to buy earphone(with mic) for my moto g3 Confused between these 2 IEM's. 1) Very good sound quality , crisp crystal clear . 2) Good amount of bass.heavy bass like boom boom 3) Good Build quality .(reliable , not cheap) 4) Type of music - Bollywood,electronic, pop which one...
  3. chandan3

    moto g3 display problem

    Hello guys,I just got my moto g 3 this week... I noticed vertical line on the mobile display today when back light is off or phone is in sleep mode..These lines are not visible when light is on... Moreover they are viable at a particular angle only or under direct light focussed on it.The...
  4. chandan3

    unmount external storage

    my mobile is lava iris 506q android 4.2.1 there is no any option is storage to mount or unmount sd card .i hv nt root my phone .how to unmount external storage i mean pendrive .is there any apps .ple help me guys
  5. chandan3

    Gta 4 with mods

    can i run gta 4 ulimate texture mods,i hv laptop os- win7(64bit) gpu- nvidia 630m ram- 4gb these r the mods » GTA IV Ultimate Textures (GTA IV)
  6. chandan3

    Nvidia driver

    GeForce 326.41 BETA driver is killing gpu or not
  7. chandan3

    skullcandy or philips

    Skullcandy 2XL SHAKEDOWN - Skullcandy: Philips SHL3000 Over-the-ear Headphones - Philips: which is best for all type of music .or suggest me good headphone under 1.5k for outdoor use Help me guys Help me guys
  8. chandan3

    Lost planet 2 language problem

    Lost planet is playing in russian language .all setting subttile r russian .bt voice language is to fix this???ple help me guys
  9. chandan3

    help me guys how to fix this

    i updated latest driver
  10. chandan3

    window 7 start up problem

  11. chandan3

    Earm money from net

    How to earn money from net,in google there r such a lot of site bt 90% r fake.anybody can tell me a genuine one,they giv gud job n money, part time or full time.ple help me guys
  12. chandan3

    Crysis 3 ultra setting

    I hv i7 8 gb ram ,n gpu - 7730m on my lappy ..can i play crysis 3 on ultra setting ?
  13. chandan3

    ELLIM university

    I ll do in this university,is it recognised , ugc approved , or nt,should i admission in this university , and guys help me
  14. chandan3

    Splinter cell conviction

    Hi guys ple help me i hv waste 4 days in this game.when i clicked to the game,the errors shows ,game has stopped working,same problem in i m alive,n both r orginal.i bought this game.
  15. chandan3

    No sound

    Hi guys i hv installed cod black opps 2 .bt there is no sound .i hv dowload n paste sound fix from torrent bt nothing happned.any solution ,ple help me.thanx
  16. chandan3

    Call of duty modern warfare 3

    I hv installed cod modern warfare 3 bt .there is no option xbox 360 contrler n, i could nt play with my xbox 360 contrler.wt i ll do guys ,help me.i wanna play with contrler.
  17. chandan3

    Driver update

    Which driver r essential for update to play heavy games like max payne 3,crysis 3,bf3 etc
  18. chandan3

    Turn of sleep mode in window7

    when the time of instalation any game or software the lappy became sleep guys help me where i can turn of the sleep mode in win7
  19. chandan3

    Splinter Cell: Conviction install problem

    Splinter Cell: Conviction installed bt, the error shows games has stoped working.cheak for online solution.ple help me guys
  20. chandan3

    Max payene 3

    Hi i hv installed the game max payne 3 .bt when the instalation finished a blue screen appear on my laptop and some error shows.i restart my laptop.after restart a window message shows "problem signature" problem event name -blue screen os version-6.1.7600. locate id-1033...
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