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    UPS for 1.5k

    Hello everyone,i am going to buy a UPS soon and my budget is 1.5 but i don't know which i should buy. Here are my PC specs - CPU - Inter Core i5 3470 GPU - Asus Nvidia Geforce GT 630 2GB PSU - Some crappy Chinese 280 Watt PSU. Ram - 4GB Regards
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    Which is the Best graphics card under rs 6.7K?

    Hello TDF,i want to buy graphics card for my little brother.I decided to buy an HD 6670 DDR5 1GB,but my brother says he wants 2gb,i tried to make him understand that he wont get 2gb DDR5 at such price,but he don't understand.And since his PC config is old,anything above an HD 6670 will...
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    Do i need telephone line for BSNL Wimax?

    I went to bsnl office to ask for broadband and they said that Broadband is not feasible in you're area.They said they have bsnl line in my area,but cannot give you connection because the telephone is a bit far from you're home.Then i read on internet that BSNL wimax can work and doesn't require...
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    Enter E-gpv Controller not vibrating ,windows- 7 :(

    I bought enter e-gpv gamepad from flipkart and it is working i can play games but it is not vibrating...When i went to devices and printers,it's drivers are not showing..I even installed the cd which i got with it..please help,i want to play games with vibrations...:(
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    Please Please Help.How should i get bsnl broadband "line" in my area?

    Hello,all.I am sick with MTS.It gets so slow After fup.I went to bsnl office and they said that in your area broadband line is not available or something like that so we can't avail you broadband service.What should i do?How can i get bsnl broadband line in my area? Please tell me fast.
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    Is tikona broadband good?

    Hello everyone,i live in Jaipur,and currently i am using MTS MBlaze with rs 798 plan,okay the speed is really good,i get 100-150kbps on torrents and 200kbps in IDM,but after 5gb it gets slow as a turtle,so i am not gonna use it anymore,after 5gb it just gives 144kbps,4kbps download speed in...
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    Cheapest psu for an hd 6670 ddr5

    Hello,my brother is using on board crappy intel graphics and he can't play games like gta iv,he just wants to play games at 1366*768 resolution with everything on high,but the problem is PSU,his psu is just 280W,now i purchased HIS hd 6670 from fk and now his pc is restarting so i check psu and...
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    gaming pc for 80k

    What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans:gaming gaming and only gaming,games like gta 4 sleeping dogs cod...
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