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  1. donnawhite

    Part time Photographer/Photoshopper job

    You have to register yourself with the sites which provide work for freelancers. Korrupt already shared useful information about it. So don't waste your time in thinking, just go for it.
  2. donnawhite

    class 12 pt

    Sorry to say but it is bad habit to prepare for exams at the last days. Btw you can concern with NCERT books , enough for you.
  3. donnawhite

    Engineering from private ?

    There are lots of confusions in your mind. First you have to set your mind for one particular course like if mechanical engineering is your area of interest then you must have to go for it private institute no matter. Follow your interest always.
  4. donnawhite

    Programming Language course

    Your choice is good and with Python, you can go with Java and C++, i think very useful for computer science engineer. Best of luck for future!
  5. donnawhite

    Robotics Engineering - Career Opportunities

    Robots have made the human's life easy and used in almost every area therefore here is endless opportunities and have bright career ......... read more about career opportunities in Robotics engineering on this link
  6. donnawhite

    Mtech part time after mca

    Firstly tell me mine friend where you from??
  7. donnawhite

    Mtech part time after mca

    Mine advise to you should do MTECH as a part time because I'm also doing Job with part time MTECH from amity learning center...You can also join any institute along with your job...& avinandan012 says absolutely right because some companies don't accept full time courses...
  8. donnawhite

    Which stream i shud opt in 11th ?

    It's fully different from streams.. If you want to learn game development then you should learn programming..It's development line...
  9. donnawhite

    .NET vs Java... What side are you On?

    There are plenty of websites i've been created in it because it's too secure language rather then other languages...I loves .net
  10. donnawhite

    Which stream i shud opt in 11th ?

    Non-Med is better for you ... wishing you all the best!
  11. donnawhite

    Which stream to choose?

    If you want to do Non-Med then Chemistry and Physics are compulsory subjects for it. There is an other option is engineering diploma in computer science with require clearance of Entrance exam.
  12. donnawhite

    National Conference RTNA 2013 Event at GGI Khanna (Punjab)

    A good news for Nanotechnology lovers. Know more about Nanotechnology at RTNA-2013, a hi-tech Academic Congregation going to held on 23 March,2013 at Gulzar Institute of Engineering and Technology (GGI), Khanna (Punjab). Register yourself for RTNA 2013 -
  13. donnawhite

    Final:What to Opt(Bcom,bba or bbm)

    MBA is a better choice for your bright career so i think you have to go for MBA. For India they require CAT and for doing MBA outside India GMAT required.
  14. donnawhite

    Sat study guide

    You can find all stuff related to SAT here
  15. donnawhite

    after B.Sc

    Master in Computer Science (Msc IT) better, if you want to go for further study.
  16. donnawhite

    Institutes for Java and C#.Net in Punjab?

    I am looking for some good institutes in Punjab which are providing training for Java and languages. Please share if you know about some good recommendations.
  17. donnawhite

    Need To Learn C++

    I have completed the basics of C language and it is simple to learn i think. Now i want to learn about C++ from basics to advance. Anyone help by a tutorial?
  18. donnawhite

    Methods to study English

    Totally agree with this is finest method to learn any language not only English. When we want to learn a language, we have to become more and more closer tho it by using the ways like reading, listening, speaking etc. I think self-learning is best here to learn English!
  19. donnawhite

    Disable Automatic update of IDM

    I think you must have update it when asked. Also if you don't like to update just cancel it!
  20. donnawhite

    Which is your favorite IDE?

    Using Eclipse for Android programming and it is also mine area of interest.
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