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  1. SunnyGamingHD2

    Demonoid Shows Sign of Life on New .HK Domain

    After more than five months of downtime Demonoid’s website is showing signs of life again. Instead of timing out, has started to redirect to a new domain, displaying a “403 Forbidden” HTTP status after initially showing a “nothing to see here” notice. While Demonoid is...
  2. SunnyGamingHD2

    Intex Headphone Problem

    My Intex headphone is 2 years old(don't know which model cuz i bought it locally). Problem:-Recently(1-2 days) my headphone gives audio to left ear only and right side sometimes getting audio sometimes not(mostly happens while gaming).Its kinda annoying! so is there any solution? is this...
  3. SunnyGamingHD2

    Post Your Windows Experience Index Ratings Here :

    *Operating System===MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit Operating System *CPU=============Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 @ 2.00GHz *RAM=============5.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 333MHz *Motherboard=======ASUSTek Computer INC. LEONITE (Socket 775) *Graphics==========1024MB GeForce GT 430 (ZOTAC International)...
  4. SunnyGamingHD2

    PS/2 Mouse,for Rs 700/ to 800

    Hi TDF :)!! my mouse middle mouse button is not working so i thought of buying a new one (PS/2 Port) hit me with suggestions please thanks:) edit: Desktop mouse not laptop and i have big hands thanks :)
  5. SunnyGamingHD2

    Demonoid Domains Go Up For Sale

    While it’s undoubtedly been a turbulent couple of weeks for Demonoid, its loyal users still had hope that one day the site might return. However, today the chances of that happening appear to have been cut from an optimistic 50/50 to much, much less. All key Demonoid domains are now up for sale...
  6. SunnyGamingHD2

    [URGENT] Portable Hard Drive Suggestion!

    Hi to all:-D I want to buy Portable Hard Drive Requirements Below:- 1: 500GB 2: USB 3.0 3: Western Digital Brand 4: Budget 4k-4.2k and plz tell me is safe for shopping? Reply fast please i am waiting!;) ok i recently ordered...
  7. SunnyGamingHD2

    Help Buying Keyboard Cover

    I want to buy Keyboard cover for my HP multimedia Keyboard please suggest some and where to buy online please thanks!!
  8. SunnyGamingHD2

    Google Chrome Access Restricted Help!!

    Does anyone else getting this ,any solutions for this?
  9. SunnyGamingHD2

    Mass Effect 3 Fans Raise Awareness for Game’s Ending by Donating to Charity

    The ongoing saga regarding Mass Effect 3’s ending has reached a new and very interesting point, as fans have started a petition to convince BioWare to change the conclusion of the game. And, in order to really make their effort stand out, they’ve begun donating to charity, managing to raise over...
  10. SunnyGamingHD2

    PlayStation 4 Will Be Powered by AMD-Made Chip

    A new report talking about the background and future of Rory Read, who is the new chief executive officer of chip maker AMD, mentions that the company is working with video game hardware developer Sony in order to create the chip to be used in the upcoming PlayStation 4. Economic magazine...
  11. SunnyGamingHD2

    The Smallest Known Black Hole Has 20 Million Mile Per Hour Winds

    Black hole IGR J17091-3624 might be the smallest known black hole, but it has the “cosmic equivalent of winds from a category five hurricane.” That’s the conclusion of Dr. Ashley King, who led group of astronomers working with NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory and National Radio Astronomy...
  12. SunnyGamingHD2

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Mentioned by Retailer and Developer

    It seems that the next game in the Call of Duty series might be a sequel to 2010's Black Ops, as both a retailer listing at Amazon France, as well as a LinkedIn page of a game developer mention Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Activision's Call of Duty series has broken sales records with its...
  13. SunnyGamingHD2

    Tranquil Intros Skinny Ripper Music Archiving Server

    The Skinny Ripper is a somewhat strange product, weak as far as PCs go but more than capable multimedia enjoyment, even tossing a silent build into that list of advantages. Unfortunately, there is one thing that nagged at us the moment we saw this thing: the price. No matter how we look at...
  14. SunnyGamingHD2

    Prototype 2 Thread

    Prototype 2 is an upcoming video game set for release on April 24, 2012 in North America and April 27, 2012 in Europe. It is currently under development by Canadian developer Radical Entertainment and is the sequel to 2009's Prototype. Like its original, the game is set to be published by...
  15. SunnyGamingHD2

    Intel 2012 Haswell CPUs Will Feature Improved Multi-Core Support

    Intel has recently announced that its next-generation 22nm processors based on the Haswell architecture will support Transactional Synchronization Extensions (TSX), a new instruction set designed to allow cores to work more efficiently together. These new synchronization extensions (Intel TSX)...
  16. SunnyGamingHD2

    Wireless Router Buying Help :)

    Hello Digit I want to buy wireless router budget Rs.2000 and please select from Online Shopping India: Buy Books Online: Mobiles, Cameras, Laptops, Accessories
  17. SunnyGamingHD2

    PC Game Buying Help!!!!

    Hello Digit i want to buy PC game i prefer FPS(First Person Shooter) with some stealth missions and multiplayer also. budget Rs.1000
  18. SunnyGamingHD2

    CPU buying help!!!

    Hello Digit i want to buy a Processor for my PC currently i am using E4400 2.0GHz(i want to replace it),Budget 5000-5500 system specs are attached.
  19. SunnyGamingHD2

    How to Host Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X 2 correctly??

    I have recently purchased Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X 2 from i want to know the recommended procedure to host H.A.W.X 2, i can join servers but wen i tried to host no one else is joining even after half an hour please tell me settings for my router i am using PPPOE always on mode as i...
  20. SunnyGamingHD2

    Graphic Card Suggestion

    Hello friends i am new to the forum ,i want a graphic card for gaming 1GB, DDR3, my budget is 3.5K (approx) there is no need to play games on high settings just want higher FPS for most games like assassins creed revelations,crysis 2 etc
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