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    Mobile insurance

    Hi, I am planning to buy Samsung Galaxy S7 or a mobile around the same price. I have had a very bad experience with screens breaking, theft etc and want to be totally insured this time. Any advice and personal experiences regarding mobile insurance? It will be a lot helpful to not...
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    Corsair CX430 v2 causing problem !!

    Hi guys, Recently I bought a Corsair CX430 v2 second hand at 1.8k. The PSU was 20 days old, in excellent condition, so I asked the seller the reason to sell it, he said that the PSU is not able to run his Geforce 560 Ti hawk, so he needed something better. This reason was satisfactory enough...
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    [Help] Using BSNL ADSL Modem Wifi Router for Cable (Wishnet) connection

    Hi guys, I am again presenting you guys with another question :P Please help me on this..... BSNL Modem - SL2_141 ADSL MODEM (Type-B) MENU Picture I know the picture is veyr very descriptive :P didnt want to leave anything As you can see the above BSNL router has 4 lan ports and...
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    Confused, help !!

    Want to buy a smartphone (with wifi, good camera etc) in the price range 7-8k. Till now I narrowed it down to 1) Samsung Galaxy POP 2) Nokia C5-03 Both are available for 7.5k There are pros and cons for both the sets. Samsung being android ahve lots of apps, also stack a bigger RAM ...
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    WIFI ADSL modem+router or WIFI Router

    Have 3 computers at home, want to connect all of them together to the Internet. I have a DLink ADSL modem but it has only one LAN port. Also as my laptop has WIFI, want a wifi router/modem as a cheap solution !! Thanks....
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    15'' or 17'' TFT/CRT monitor

    I use a pretty old PC for downloading stuff, but the monitor is no more working. So need a cheap second hand one.....Anyone ??
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    Suggestions for 22'' LCD/LED monitor

    Want to buy a 22'' Full HD monitor :grin: Please suggest below 7k, or if its very good then 8k (because IMO 1k doesn't really buy me much difference) !! Also please add in your personal experience if you have used the suggested monitor... Thanks. Will be waiting for your replies...
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    [BUYING] Speakers 2.1

    Please suggest some 2.1 speakers around 1.5k !! I prefer a wired remote but magnetically shielded speakers are needed because of my CRT monitor !! :-x Thanks !!
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