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  1. yashthedude

    Unable to Install Directx...Error Comes...Installation Failed.

    When I try to install directX an error pops up "an internal error occured refer to directx.log" any ideas? When i checked the log it says! 06/12/13 11:31:01: DXWSetup: CDXWSetup::CDXWSetup() 06/12/13 11:31:01: DXWSetup: CDXWSetup::DownloadDXUpdate() 06/12/13 11:31:01: DXWSetup...
  2. yashthedude

    Ducati Multistrada

    The Multistrada is a model of motorcycle introduced by Ducati in 2003. The word Multistrada is Italian for "many roads" as the bike is designed to handle asphalt as well as some unpaved surfaces. Essentially the bike is a hybrid of a supermoto and a sport touring motorcycle. Its upright riding...
  3. yashthedude

    HTC ONE X || Disscusion

    How about this for a rebound after a rather quiet second half of last year? A massive change of game plan sees HTC focus on a few special products instead of trying to create a smartphone for every taste. An outstanding result of this effort, the HTC One X brings so many firsts for both company...
  4. yashthedude

    See Unreal Engine 4's Next-Gen Graphics in Motion

    Epic has finally given Unreal Engine 4 a proper public debut today with a new batch of cinematic trailers, behind-the-scenes videos, and footage of simple gameplay prototypes built using UE4′s scripting tools. Be warned, though: Once you’ve seen the future, the present will seem downright ugly...
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