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  1. meetdenis

    Cyclic Redundancy Check error for new HDD

    Hi, I've installed a new HDD and when I try to initialize it from Disk Manager, it gives a Cyclic Redundancy Error. The disk is shown as Unknown, Not Initialized I tried to check it using 'diskpart' command but it does not show the disk. So, I am not sure how do I even run a CHKDSK or SFC on...
  2. meetdenis

    Upgrade from Moto G (1st Gen)

    Hi, I am using a Moto G 1st Gen bought in Feb 2014. I am looking for recommendations for an upgrade. My budget is 12-13k. Preferably, Moto or Lenovo Key requirements - should have stock Android - smaller the screen size the better (used to the 4.5" screen) - high pixel density - high battery...
  3. meetdenis

    Suggestions for UPS

    Please recommend UPS for the following config. Ryzen 5 2400G | Asus Prime B350M-A | Corsair 8gb 2666Mhz | Zotac 1050 Ti 4GB | Corsair CX550 | LG 22MP68VQ-P This config is less than a month old and, at the moment, I am running this directly from the mains. I don't have an inverter and there is...
  4. meetdenis


    After assembling my new rig, and installing Windows 10 Professional (build 10240), I have been getting continual BSoDs. The error code shown is CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT. Bootup happens without any issues. I was able to install the MoBo drivers from the CD. Internet connection works fine. I also...
  5. meetdenis

    Suggestions for a mid-level gaming rig for 60k

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Purpose will be gaming, watching movies and little bit of...
  6. meetdenis

    1TB External HDD suggestions

    Hi, I need suggestions on an external HDD, 1TB. Should be having encryption and built-in backup features. Budget is around 4k. After sales service should be reliable. Some threads here suggested the WD Passport Ultra. Are there any other recommendations? Thanks.
  7. meetdenis

    Self-Learning Android Development

    Hi, I need to know how do I start to learn Android development by my own. I am a corporate professional with 10 yrs exp in ITES fields. I am a certified GNIIT and also have software development background and experience. My current profile is into content management, service delivery and...
  8. meetdenis

    Android Studio in Digit DVD

    Hi, First up, sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum. I need to know in which month's DVD was Android Studio included? I am a subscriber and have DVDs from 3 yrs ago. Please help
  9. meetdenis

    20K basic budget laptop

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) INR 20K maximum 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? No Preference 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Web browsing + MS Office + Viewing Videos, Movies 5) Any typical configuration in your...
  10. meetdenis

    Need laptop for image processing within 40k

    Hi Digitians, I need advice on buying a laptop with the following requirements: Image processing on Adobe Lightroom & PhotoMatix Pro. I don't use the bloatware called Photoshop :wink: Other major usage will be net browsing, watching movies some light gaming e.g. CounterStrike Need good screen...
  11. meetdenis

    Help to buy a MoBo, CPU, RAM

    Hi All, Carrying on from this thread. Need help in buying a MoBo, CPU and RAM for my old desktop. Old means almost 4 years old. I will keep my existing PSU, GPU and other stuff. My config is in the sign. Please suggest recommendations. My usage will be as under: 1) Gaming - I will mostly use...
  12. meetdenis

    monitor goes to power save mode

    My monitor went off into the power save mode when I booted up today. I checked the CPU and reconnected the GPU also. But it has not worked. I suspect its a GPU problem. Once I left the monitor in the same power save state, after 10 mins it switched on by itself and booted normally. Then few...
  13. meetdenis

    SanDisk pen drive write protected

    Hi, I have a SanDisk 32GB CruzerBlade pen drive that is giving me problems. First, it gave me 'disk is write protected' error. I was not able to delete any files from it, neither I was able to format. I tried fixing it by regedit, scanning with Avast, MS Security Essentials, but to no...
  14. meetdenis

    Smartphone under 18K?

    Hi Fellows, Please help me in choosing a smartphone. The below are my requirements. 1. Budget? max upto 18K(was 15k, but can stretch an extra 3) 2. Display type and size? <5" screen 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? Preferably LG, Lenovo, Sony, Nokia 5...
  15. meetdenis

    Micromax A110Q getting restarted

    Hi All, My Micromax Canvas 2+(A110Q) is getting restarted. I removed the sc card, ran a disk clean up, formatted it and then re-inseted it. The phone was behaving well for some time. Then, I put some music files(the ones I had backed up on the pc before formatting the card) back into the card...
  16. meetdenis

    Light-weight post processing photography software?

    Hi Fellows, I am looking for a good, light-weight photography software for post processing of my snaps. I have shortlisted Adobe LightRoom but I am concerned if it will be an overkill. Can anyone suggest any better alternatives? I will not do high-end layering and masking; just some basic...
  17. meetdenis

    Trouble installing Offline Wikipedia

    Hi All, I am facing some trouble installing the offline Wikipedia from one of Digit's cds. I followed the steps and the WikiTaxi is importing the database, but its been over 12 hours and there no sign of it stopping. I also allocated the maximum RAM before importing. The progress bar is at...
  18. meetdenis

    Old Digit CDs

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place to post this question. So please excuse me if it isn't. I have about 50-odd Digit software CDs, since 2008. Does any one know about any organisation whom I can donate these to? or dispose off in an eco-friendly manner? I do not wish to just scrap...
  19. meetdenis

    BSOD: Please help to understand dump file.

    Hi All, Since yesterday, I received multiple BSODs. Yesterday it happened while I was playing Left4Dead. Today, it appeared again wen i was doing simple excel work. No games were on. I unplugged the RAM, GPU, HDD and replugged them. This looks like it fixed the issue as I no longer have the...
  20. meetdenis

    Restart on gaming

    I was able to play games like Crysis 2, Burnout Paradise, Far Cry2 earlier. But recently, my pc restarts when I am playing these games. I cleaned up my cpu and rechecked everything but to no avail. I also, as before, switch to classic theme, end all unneeded processes, disable my...
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