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  1. john_the_ultimate

    Suggest a phone within 10-12k.

    Right then, I need to buy a phone for my bro.........budget around 10-12k. So, some input would be nice. I had seen Samsung S5233 n it looked nice..........any other options in this price range?
  2. john_the_ultimate

    pc cabinet suggestion please.

    I have a budget of 4-5k. So please suggest some well ventilated chassis with good built quality. I haven't selected any till now, waiting for our response.
  3. john_the_ultimate

    AOC 24" lcd review [B]416V[/B]

    Here's a brief review of AOC 24" widescreen lcd monitor. I was looking for two 24" lcd display one for my cousin and one for myself. He is into gaming and movies (like most 14 yrs usually are), so a TN panel with good response time is what I was looking for. I wanted to get him a 22" but he...
  4. john_the_ultimate

    Dual 19" widescreen lcd for sale.

    Hi! I have two 19" widescreen lcd monitors: 1) Samsung 940BW 2) Benq FP92W I want to sell both of them and get myself a 24" or bigger display. Both are around a year old. PM me for price or for any other details. My first choice would be that someone from my city (Kolkata) buys it...
  5. john_the_ultimate

    Review: Enzotech Ultra-X cpu cooler

    Well finally had the time to write a short review for Enzotech Ultra-X cpu cooler. So without wasting any time, here we go. I had ordered the cooler from sidewindercomputers and it took 9 days to reach me. Was really worried about the condition of the package but it was in excellent...
  6. john_the_ultimate

    Asus motherboard with built-In DDR3 Memory Modules

    Asustek’s P5K3 Premium/WiFi-AP mainboard comes with two 1GB of PC3-10666 (1333MHz) memory modules already installed onboard and covered with high-performance heat-spreaders.
  7. john_the_ultimate

    BIOS beep code.

    My friends PC recently strated giving this error beep code 3-3-3. He has ASUS A8N-vm mobo with AMI bios. Sometimes what happens is that after those triple 3 beeps the machine loads up winxp and everything works, fine. Sometimes the machines just hangs at the ASUS logo or other times it boots...
  8. john_the_ultimate

    Suggest a laptop for basic purpose.

    I want to buy a laptop for basic purpose, msoffice, web browsing etc. So please could some one suggest the cheapest laptop. Haven't set any budget but will decide according to your suggestions.
  9. john_the_ultimate

    Help in buying a LCD monitor.

    Ok, people, want to buy a 19" and above LCD monitor. My budget is around 15K maybe could strech my budget to 20K at most and this would be my first LCD monitor. So pls suggestion wanted. Will be all purpose monitor...browing, gaming, watching movies etc. Have found one, SAMSUNG 940BW but...
  10. john_the_ultimate

    AMD dual core optimizer query.

    Does the optimizer for AMD dual core really improve gaming performance? Also does this help in normal usage? I haven't install it yet but asking ya peoples advice. Please help. Thanks you.
  11. john_the_ultimate

    Review of Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro

    Hi there. This is my short review of Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro. Got the stuff from along with AMD64 X2 3800+ (939 pins). The cost being $37.00 (INR 1700.00 approx)for the cooler including shipping and $150.00 (INR 6500.00 approx.) for the CPU. My brother brought in these stuffs...
  12. john_the_ultimate

    AMD64 3000+ 939 (Venice) for sale

    Hi! I am from Kolkata and want to sell my AMD64 3000+ 939 pins (VENICE) with stock HSF for Rs.2500/- (fixed). It's 10 months old and I had safely overclocked it to 2.7GHz. The reason for selling is that I have got a X2 3800+. Buyer from Kolkata are prefered. The buyer will have to pick the...
  13. john_the_ultimate

    My PC Case modding......

    Hello............good to be back at the forum after a week. Now coming to the point............. I was looking for a "good looking" cabinet, but was not able to find anything of my choice. Actually selected a few but unfortunately they are not available in India. So thought of modding my...
  14. john_the_ultimate

    Help in buying chassis.

    I want to buy this GIGABYTE chassis: Or maybe coolermaster ATX full tower. I am staying in KOLKATA, so any dealer/distributor details wud be helpful. My friend stays in Bangalore , so if any of u people cud even...
  15. john_the_ultimate

    Overheating problems

    Well I have seen many overheating threads recently, so thought that maybe there should be a single thread from where we could solve our overheating problems. So if possible try to post your problems specifically regarding overheating of pc and its components here in this thread and help each...
  16. john_the_ultimate

    Softmod 6600gt to quadro

    Heard from a friend that 6600gt could be softmodded to quadro. If it is true then pls could someone tell me how to softmod my 6600gt pci-e gfx card? Also give details of pros and cons of softmodding.
  17. john_the_ultimate

    Command Rate performance difference?

    What's the performance between 1T and 2T? I have hynix 2*512mb in dual channel, so if I set CMD Rate to 1T will there be an increase in performance? I was able to set it to 1T but then backed to 2T and thought of taking some advice. If u people give more info then it would be helpful.
  18. john_the_ultimate

    Electronic Sports World Cup coming to INDIA.

    See this for registration: Just found it and thought it would be interesting. Sorry if already posted. Admins/Mods could delete the thread if already posted.
  19. john_the_ultimate

    Suggest a good 2.1 channel speaker.

    Well my budget is around 2000-2500/- so any suggestion. Got one in mind, Creative Inspire 2500. What's its current market price?
  20. john_the_ultimate

    maya (mental ray) error.....pls help

    I am new to maya and whenever I try to render using mental ray I get this error. mental ray for Maya 7.0 mental ray: version, 06 July 2005 mental ray: got 8 satellite CPUs. LINK 0.0 error 191007: cannot load <INSTALLDIR>/mentalray/lib/base.dll, The specified module could not be...
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