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    Need help writing a smart contract - Solidity

    Here is the contract details : Please help . thanks
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    Programmers of Digit Mag Readers... How did you get into coding ?

    Im a Computer Science Student currently in my 3rd Year . What made you not to give up on coding / what mentality did you adopt while trying to learn ? I cant really sit and learn coding for some reason . Im good at problem solving skills , but starting is always the hardest part for me in...
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    Non Fiction Book Recommendations

    I love reading Non Fiction Books , If youre a Non Fiction Reader too . Please recommend me cool reads . Here are a few I enjoyed : 1)Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari - History 2)Born a Crime by Trevor Noah - Biography 3)Food Rules by Michael Pollan - Quazi Instruction Manual 4)Homo Deus by...
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