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  1. Neo

    1440p 144Hz 27inch Monitor under INR 40k

    Pretty much the title. Need a 1440p 144Hz 27inch flatscreen monitor. Will be used for a mix of gaming(Dota2, apex, COD, Witcher), watching movies, reading and writing text. Will be using it with RTX2070S. Budget: Preferably under 40k Buying: online or Delhi, first week of December. Would a 4k...
  2. Neo

    IEM for ~2k

    So my last one KZ ATE died out after like 6months. Those sounded amazing for their price. My only complain was they were big. I prefer small IEMs, though I can't really complain at 600 bucks. Got any other suggestions for under INR 2000? Or should I just order the ATE again? I like deep...
  3. Neo

    need a new ssd for laptop

    I have a HP pavilion ab029tx. I accidently spilled water on it and the HDD died. I'm thinking of upgrading to a 250gb ssd. Which would be a good buy around 5k inr? Also, can I use this ssd in a new laptop later when I get one? (after around a year)
  4. Neo

    Queries regarding Kindle Paperwhite

    Q1 how well can I read a "textbook" in kindle? (engineering books, NCERT Books) Q2 how bad is reading a pdf file? Can I convert said pdf to a kindle-friendly format and read it properly? Q3 can I take notes/highlight text/underline etc in books and pdfs? Q3 what do I do If a book I have to...
  5. Neo

    Gaming Laptop Budget ₹1.5 Lakhs

    1) What is your budget? (INR) 1.5 Lakhs (flexible) 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 15'6" only 17 is too big right? 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Gaming, programming 4) Are there any brands that you prefer...
  6. Neo

    Budget : ~70k, Laptop for college

    1. Budget is flexible, can extend upto 80k. Would like to see all options from 50k to 80k 2. Screen size : 13/14/15 3. Usage : compiling, web browsing, dota2, CSGO, movies, other college stufff 4. Screen : 1080p or above, i have used a 720p screen and it sucks big time 5. Battery : 5hours+ with...
  7. Neo

    URGENT: Android phone, 20k budget, buying tomorrow

    Shortlisted One Plus One(64GB), Moto X(32GB) and Zenphone 2(4GB) Any idea when one plus two will be available and expected price tag? Ty! EDIT: Also getting a refurbished iPhone 5S for 22k, seems sweet. More confusion!
  8. Neo

    New PMP + IEM | Budget : 8k

    Hi. I am looking to to buy an IEM + a PMP under 8k (although, lower is better, so give me some options). I am a little confused between PMP and phone. If I can get a phone which does not bottleneck the IEM and does not reduce/affect the music quality, I'll prefer that over a PMP since I'm not...
  9. Neo

    Cyanogenmod 10 Preview

    Cyanogenmod 10 Preview CyanogenMod is one of the most popular aftermarket firmware out there, and the latest version is based on Android Jelly Bean (4.1). There are a plethora of features and goodies on CM10 which cannot be found at stock level on Jelly Bean. My phone (LGP500) recently got...
  10. Neo

    MySQL server troubleshooting.

    So I had installed LAMP on my Mint 13 yesterday. The MySQL server was working fine after the install. But now I am not able to start it again. To start it, i gave this command: The Output was: Any help?
  11. Neo

    how to spend 1k?

    I have 1k got somewhere in my pocket. How should i spend them? Rules for suggesting ;) : 1. No begging . ;) :P 2. No study related stuff.;) 3. No donating . :D 4. No saving . Ahahahaaa
  12. Neo

    EVDO as Wireless Hotspot

    Can i use BSNL EVDO card as a Wireless Hotspot so that i can access internet on my LG P500??
  13. Neo

    Blog suggestion.

    Hello. I want a blog but I'm not sure about the topic. Either I create a tech only blog [which I already have,refer to my signature] or The blog will be about me, I mean the books I've read or the movies I've watched or the places I've visited or anything else. I will also be putting up As-Sense...
  14. Neo

    New broadband connection.

    Hello. I need a broadband connection within next 5 days. I live in Haryana in Hisar city. It should be unlimited and the cost per month should be around Rs.750. Please suggest me a good one. Thanks.
  15. Neo


    I want to buy a UltraBook around 50k. I can wait for some months if its worth Waiting. I really like the MAcbook Air but its 70K. Can i get it for cheap anywhere or from the US? Also , when the Air will receive an upgrade?
  16. Neo

    Compress videos??

    I have seen many movie torrents that are about 500 in size yet they have a full movie in 720p resolution. how do they compress the movie so highly?
  17. Neo

    Best novels to read.

    I want to know about some good novels which you have read. Preffered genre : Science,Fiction, fantasy,love.
  18. Neo

    AdSense Help.

    I applied my blog, glaryGadgets ,(don't laugh at me for the domain) for Google AdSense, and this is the email which i got after 2 days. Can you please sort out my problem?
  19. Neo

    Any part time job?

    Is there any part time job online or anywhere else so i can make some pocket money.??
  20. Neo

    Quora invite??

    Hello. I need a Quora invite so i thought someone out here can help me. Please send me an invite or tell me the procedure or whatever. thanx
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