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  1. Neo

    Need a gaming mouse : 5K budget

    Oh I see u already bought... Ya Deathadder is too big, I can't play competitive games on it.
  2. Neo

    Need a gaming mouse : 5K budget

    I have Steelseries rival 310, overall I like it. Better than deathadder for sure. Zowie Divina S2 also nice if u can find.
  3. Neo

    Mobile for my father (Budget: 20-25k)

    730g on a samsung phone. Don't bother imo
  4. Neo

    Mobile for my father (Budget: 20-25k)

    Mi 11x will be in budget if hdfc credit card. Also let me know if you have hdfc credit card coz I also wanna buy :'D
  5. Neo

    Android phone for 20k - Avoiding heavily customized OS versions

    Phones with SD870 are under 30k now so no reason to go for anything lower
  6. Neo

    Build a pc or buy a pre-built one

    You should build. Something like ,5600x + 2060 should be possible. GPU prices are stupid high rn otherwise could've gotten 2070
  7. Neo

    Laptop for ~ INR 1L, 14in

    for the use case, mac os really good choice. You may wait for new mac models to launch in September.
  8. Neo

    Need a laptop - Budget upto ₹ 75000

    Might I suggest a mac.. these have gotten better and cheaper
  9. Neo

    Anime/Cartoon/Mangas Thread ~Giga Drill Breaker version~

    That was the best part! So many exciting fights
  10. Neo

    The Mutual Funds Investment Thread

    What is time release? Safe guard for 24 months you mean? Long term investment is safe anyways.
  11. Neo

    The Mutual Funds Investment Thread

    yeah, I like the idea financial independence and might pursue it. I would be cool to see what I will do if i'm not a burden on myself (financially)
  12. Neo

    The Mutual Funds Investment Thread

    If you can save (and invest) more than 50 % of your salary, you can have financial independence in like 15-20 years.
  13. Neo

    LG is exiting the smartphone business

    My first smartphone was also from LG, Optimus One. The best phone I have ever used. It came with Android 2.2 I believe? Was it Froyo/eclair? It had a 3.2 inch screen (which was good amount of screen) and 512 MB RAM (!!). The developer support on XDA was massive and I remeber running Android 5 on...
  14. Neo

    The Mutual Funds Investment Thread

    Isn't that amount of return too good, even for long term
  15. Neo

    The Mutual Funds Investment Thread

    which app do i use to invest for long term? i want to invest rs 1000
  16. Neo

    Must Play Indie Games

    did you just revive from the dead?
  17. Neo

    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    Frank Ocean - Pyramids Listened to this when high and it was a really good trip
  18. Neo

    Clash Of Clans

    Yah soon we will be married with kids and other kids will call us uncle
  19. Neo

    How to increase Recorded volume

    I use obs and it has worked well for me. U can also try that..
  20. Neo

    Linux Discussion Thread

    If you think arch is hard you probably shouldn't be using it. Or atleast shouldn't be using some "installer" to make things "easy" and skip the process. Archs philosophy is to keep things simple and all these arch based just deviate from it...
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