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  1. kg11sgbg

    Print and copy issues in EPSON L380 inkjet(INKTANK) printer

    Hi all. For the past few days,I observe that my EPSON L380 printer is printing and copying(photocopy) fine in color mode,but when it comes only to GRAYSCALE mode,then half of the page is printed,rest vertical lines are drawn. This never happens in COLOR mode printing. NO ISSUES WITH SCANNER...
  2. kg11sgbg

    About Hp 2723 Multifunctional inkjet printer

    Well Friends,thinking of buying a new printer from Hp. Model: Hp 2723 What are your suggestions? It comes with wifi. Is that useful than USB connect? Please do let me know,Friends.
  3. kg11sgbg

    Which one is better, Realme or Motorola?

    Friends,Yesterday I bought a new Smartphone from Flipkart through the exchange offer. I purchased a Motorola G 5G smartphone in lieu of exchanging the Realme 6 phone. As per specs Motorola seems to be more promising. But many easy features and apps present in Realme 6 are absent in Motorola G...
  4. kg11sgbg

    To connect 2 separate Desktop-PC's via a Router

    Friends,I have 2 desktop PC's now arranged and situated in the same room. How do I connect the Alliance Beoadband Network connection between them. One of my PC is connected with Broadband cable(optic fibre) via Tp-Link Archer C20 Router. Friend @whitestar_999 , @meetdilip and other Friends...
  5. kg11sgbg

    UPS cable plug socket compatibility with main line plug base socket

    Friends, I have a Champion UPS of 850vA rating and another of Numeric UPS 600vA rating. Can any of these UPS(any one) be connected to a 5AMP plug base socket on the electric board? Or do I need to connect to a 15~16AMP plug base socket on the electric board? Any issues? Please clarify...
  6. kg11sgbg

    Peculiar fan sound of CPU

    My Desktop-PC system, when started gives out a peculiar whining sound from the CPU. The sound starts after some time of running the machine. CPU is AMD FX-6300 and CPU fan is stock cooler fan. Through Hardware monitor I've seen the temp. of CPU comes at about 56 degrees Celsius. Do, I need to...
  7. kg11sgbg

    Two different AMD Radeon GPU's in crossfire or non crossfire configuration

    I have recently purchased 2 AMD Radeon RX Graphics card. One is a Gigabyte 560RX with 4GB DDR5 memory. Another is an ASUS 550RX with 2GB DDR5 memory. Can I use both these cards simultaneously on a single motherboard at two PCI-E lanes/channel respectively each? Do I need a crossfire...
  8. kg11sgbg

    BDF Tablets from SHENZHEN China

    Friends any idea about BDF company Tablet manufactured in China at SHENZHEN? I am bringing one 8 inch screen display model through AliExpress. I am bringing this:---> US $84.49 25% OFF|2019 New 8 Inch 4G LTE Mobile Phone Call Tablet Pc Octa Core Android 7.0 Tablets 4GB+64GB WiFi Bluetooth 3G 4G...
  9. kg11sgbg

    PC shuts off abruptly during a power surge/loadshedding even with UPS

    My Desktop PC system power offs, if there is a surge or fluctuation in electricity even for a millisecond. Specs: CPU: AMD FX-6300 RAM: 16GB DDR3 Corsair Value GPU: GeForce GTX 750 GT 1GB GDDR5 Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3 PSU: CoolerMaster THUNDER 550W...
  10. kg11sgbg

    To change the function of my TP-Link Archer C20 Router as AP

    Query:---> My Tp-Link Archer C20 (AC750 Dual Band wireless) router has two mode settings. One is of Router and another is of AP(Access Point). How do I change the present state to that of an AP without losing the network. I have connection of ALLIANCE BROADBAND cable network. It has Static IP...
  11. kg11sgbg

    Unable to print properly in Linux through EPSON L380

    I am unable to print any sort of document/files/templates, etc. anything in Linux-OS,beit MX Linux or Fedora in my Desktop-PC. My Printer is an EPSON L380 mult-functional printer with ink tank. Windows 10 has no problem in prints at all. But when it comes to Linux,things are upside down. ONLY...
  12. kg11sgbg

    Issues with YouTube video watching

    Youtube videos could be watched with FD resolution or 4K resolution. Video and sound are fully O.K. and synchronized, no problem in that. ONLY PROBLEM/ISSUE, I CAN'T WATCH VIDEOS ACCORDING TO MY CHOICE. ONLY THE SUBSCRIBED VIDEOS ARE PRESENTED.:(:mad::x:!: Please help me out.
  13. kg11sgbg

    Meltdown and Spectre: ‘worst ever’ CPU bugs affect virtually all computers

    Meltdown vulnerability is only affected by Intel CPU's. Spectre vulnerability is affected by AMD,ARM and Intel chipsets/CPU's. Both these vulnerabilities are widespread and global,no pace to hide,nowhere to run. All of us are being the affected users. Source : Meltdown and Spectre: ‘worst CPU...
  14. kg11sgbg

    Issues in MATE Desktop(Root) of Ubuntu-17.10

    Hi,experts. My Ubuntu-17.10 Mate Desktop is running and functioning perfectly,under ordinary user. But under root/su,when I open the Mate Desktop,the icons does not appear (or visualize)on the desktop template space of mate. Nor I could,post an application icon on the desktop template space...
  15. kg11sgbg

    Help regarding merging of files in different partitions

    Hi all, after uninstalling Mageia-6 from my laptop, I had installed openSUSE -42.3(Leap) successfully. I have three partitions FOR LINUX, openSUSE:---> / /home swap /home consists of various documents, videos, etc. in a separate partition of HDD. / also contains /home, partition and under...
  16. kg11sgbg

    Feature Phones with 4G LTE network technology

    Hi ,can anybody guide me to buy a feature mobile phone,NO TOUCH SCREEN ,but having network for 4G? Preferably 4G VOLTE. Any models other than Jio-1500 or upcoming very cheap feature 4G phone from Vodafone.
  17. kg11sgbg

    wifi connected and recognised but no internet connection

    I am running Deepin-15.4.1(x86_64) OS alongside Windows 10 (64-bit) OS into my DELL Inspiron 14 5447 Laptop. Problem/Issue:---> The Deepin OS is running awesome,except for 1 issue which is really frustrating. When I connect the Laptop to an ethernet cable,internet has no issues,no problems in...
  18. kg11sgbg

    Unable to access Alliance BB Internet by my DELL Laptop.

    I am running Alliance Broadband by having Tp-Link TL-WR740N wifi 150N Router configured properly. Till yesterday I was able to access the network by my DELL Inspiron 14 5447 Laptop at ease. Today due to my own fault as I tinkered the WR740N through the Dell laptop,everything went kaput. I wanted...
  19. kg11sgbg

    Wifi Router(only) for alliance broaddband and below Rs.1000(not a single paise above)

    Hello friends,I am switching over to ALLIANCE Broadband (Preferred+) Plan. Abandoning BSNL, which was my network ISP since 2007(with combo voice + BB features). I want a wifi-Router(not with combo modem) below Rs.1000/- Not a single paise to exceed the budget. From which one should I buy...
  20. kg11sgbg

    To convert a dual OS tablet into a single OS Android Tablet only

    My Datamini TWG10 dual OS tablet has Windows10 and Android 5.1 (lolipop) installed. I want to use the tablet's full space of 32GB as Android5.1 tablet only. How do I erase the Windows partition and others,BUT KEEPING THE ANDROID partition intact and amalgamate the free space? This is a UEFI BIOS...
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