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    Nokia N82 or SE P1i

    Hi guys, Some explanation first: I've been a satisfied Reliance user for about 5 years now, but have decided to leave for GSM (feels like I'm cheating on my wife :smile:). This is simply because my Nokia 6275 died on me, and Reliance unfortunately do not have a decent phone selection as regards...
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    I'm trying out Firefox3. This is just about my first experience with FF, aside from a very brief time with FF2, and otherwise having seen it on other people's machines. I'd like help with two or three things that I'd like FF3 to do. In Maxthon 2, when you click on a link in favorites, it opens...
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    PSU suggestions - 3.5K limit

    Hi guys, My system currently has the following specs: CPU: Intel C2D E6600 @ 2.4GHz M/B: Intel DG965RY ATX RAM: 4 x 1GB Kingston DDR2 @ 667MHz HDD1: Hitachi HDP7 500GB SATA-II HDD2: Hitachi HDT7 160GB SATA-II HDD3: Samsung SP1213C 120GB SATA-I ODD1: LG GSA-H55N ODD2: Lite-On 1673S GPU: XFX...
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    Woot WOOT!!!!

    Just received my new Dell SP2208WFP monitor via GATI. It looks absolutely incredible. Pretty fast delivery by Dell, considering the order was placed only on 5 March 2008. I am stunned by the new clarity of my desktop, and Vista is taking full advantage of the huge screen. Lovin' it!!
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    Trouble with Popular Hyundai Trivandrum

    My family recently purchased a brand new Santro Xing XL from Popular Hyundai Trivandrum, as a gift to my mom and dad on their 41st wedding anniversary. Imagine our horror when we discovered that what we thought was a brand new vehicle was in fact a car that had been in a severe accident and...
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    Create a list of MS Word Shortcut keys

    To generate a list of all Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys: 1) Open a new document. 2) Select TOOLS>MACROS>MACROS (Word 2003 and older).In Word 2007, first enable the developer toolbar. Click the Office Logo at the top left of the toolbar, open Word Options and then in the Popular section, check...
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    Nokia 6275i import

    Hi and thanks in advance, Does anyone know whether a Nokia 6275i CDMA Phone can be imported from the USA and used on Reliance? Does the phone need to be unlocked (if it was used with another provider in the US), or would simple replacement of the RUIM (Removable Universal Identity Module)...
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