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  1. cute.bandar

    Any non apple wired lightning earphones for iphone 11 ?

    I tried pucharsing a rs. 100 lightning to aux adaptor, which works for 100 sec before being blocked as its not apple 'ceritifed'. A***** apple Purchased another adapter, but its a bluetooth wired adapter. What ever that means. So looking for a wired earphone for iphone. Suggestions please...
  2. cute.bandar

    [Praise] trouble free Item replacement

    Ordered a 500mah lipo battery, It arrived puffed up. Mailed issue with picture. They created a reverse pickup shipping and then delivered the replacement, completely hassle free. This was unlike my expereince with another electronic components website - who basically ignored my...
  3. cute.bandar

    Looking for mic to improve distance and mic volume during speaker calls.

    My dad has a iphone 6 which I do not like, but its fantastic for group spearkphone calls. THe speaker itself is loud but more importantly. It picks sound from much farther away, so a group of us sitting around the mobile can easily talk. What mic can I buy to attach to other phones to improve...
  4. cute.bandar

    [Want to Buy] <Ignore> Broken/defective but bootable Laptop or netbook

    edit; bought somewhere. Can close Looking for a cheap laptop,netbook, something that can boot but is ready to be thrown. Prefer without hard drive, Need no working keyboard or touchpad, Can be dog slow. Its preferable if the screen works, although will consider slightly messed up screens as...
  5. cute.bandar

    Microtek UPS question. Is light on when charging ?

    I got a Microtek - Legend 650 UPS. When connected to power it has no light on its panel. Question is, is it charging ? It functions normally otherwise. Running my PC on it for a few days. When light went it provided backup for 10 minutes or so. But once the UPS is turned off it has no light...
  6. cute.bandar

    Considering a better CPU cooler, thanks to the PS5 teardown

    I am sure many have seen PS5 disassembly video. Here is it for those who haven't Its amazing how minimalistic the setup is, but for me the biggest thing was how much effort they put into cooling the system. Massive heatsink, a huge fan and best of all, liquid metal TIM! TIM stands for thermal...
  7. cute.bandar

    Destroy All Humans 10/10 on steam. Hilarious game. Has some interesting mechanics
  8. cute.bandar

    [For Sale] i3 3220 AND 8Gb DDR3 ram

    Intel processor - i3 3220 . 3rd generation Bought: Feb 2014 Price: Rs. 1400 Bill yes. No warranty RAM - 8GB DDR3 kingston 1866 Mhz Bought - 2016 Price: 1600 Bill yes. No warranty Location: Delhi Shipping - at actuals. Or local pickup (hauz khas) Buy both for Rs. 2600 + shipping (if any) Can't...
  9. cute.bandar

    To upgrade or not to ?

    My current setup is now 6 years old. Ram is a few years newer. Intel i3 3220 intel dz76ml-45k - MOBO 8gb kingstaon 1866mhx ram I can't decide whether I should upgrade or not. On one hand its 6 years old, on the other hand it handles everything. Even 'red dead' and Control . But upgrading will...
  10. cute.bandar

    Something Like airpods ?

    Hey all I am looking for wireless bud earphones, like airpods, for my father. Something that doesn't have (or need) the rubber tips. Something that doesn't go too inside "jo zyaada andar nahi jaata" . I think normal airpods don't have rubber tips. Only pro has them. Suggestions please...
  11. cute.bandar

    Superliminal - Portal like puzzle game

    Total mind bending first person puzzle game. Highly recommended. Its very short. Unless someone gets stuck in a puzzle. Took me 1.5 hours. But I am great at such games.
  12. cute.bandar

    Looking for people to play multiplayer games..

    I have always wanted to get into multiplayer games, but avoided because of shit internet, $$, being terrible in FPS games, not really having anyone to play with, and to avoid toxic online gamer communities. Now I have awesome internet, $ to spare, am not so terrible at shooters. Any one...
  13. cute.bandar

    Video quality comparison.

    Always heard about importance of bit rate. Never bothered, because shit internet connections didn't allow. Its Last day of month and I have GBs to spare. Compared various rips of ... Result: Left: ....2019.1080p.HC.HDRip.X264-EVO[EtHD] == 4GB Center: ... [1080p x265 HEVC 10bit BD AAC 7.1]...
  14. cute.bandar

    Share something 'different' and/or interesting you do .

    Different as in, not done by most people in desi culture. Niche. A sport that no one plays. A musical instrument no one has heard in India. Website you frequent , hobby. Something you made. Or just something interesting you did/do. Anything really. Casual chit chat. I'll start: The best...
  15. cute.bandar

    Any interest in a price comparison website for tech sites ?

    I am developing a price comparison website. Initially my plan was to cover the big ecommerce websites - amazon, flipkart etc . But due to the sheer amount of items there, its kind of hard. So instead I have moved to making a comparison websites for indian tech websites. The price comparison...
  16. cute.bandar

    India based AR / VR wireless headset

    Power of AR & VR in a Single Wireless Headset With 84° FOV | AjnaLens Looks interesting. I wonder how it would actually work. But its nice to see people in India attempting and creating products in cutting edge areas. Is not cheap @ Rs. 45,000. Seems to be geared towards research and...
  17. cute.bandar

    Modern Games Look Amazing On CRT Monitors... Yes, Better than LCD! [Digital Foundry]

    wtf story for the day. So apparently those fat f***s are way better for modern gaming. If the video is to be believed then a 1080p game on CRT is far superior to even a 4k oled ! They are going gaga over it actually. Some talking points I gathered: 1) low/zero latency 2) no motion blur 3) all...
  18. cute.bandar

    Exanima - Very different Physics Based melee combat game

    Came across this game, and it looks really cool, with a totally unique combat system. THere are no animations, just physics based movements! Things that affect damage : how fast your weapon is moving, body position, part of the weapon that hits etc. Exanima on Steam Explanation video:
  19. cute.bandar

    Things I found after disassembling my TV

    I opened up my old 40" videocon TV that had broken last year. My idea was to try and repair it. About : Most 'Led' Tvs are LCD TV backlit with LED lights. True LED I think are only OLED, where each pixel is an LED. Parts of a LCD/LED TV: 1. Power supply board - Power Cord goes here. Convert AC...
  20. cute.bandar

    Simple benchmarking software?

    Getting a CPU upgrade, that I don't really need atm. So want to compare in numbers how much performance gain do I get. Tried a couple of benchmarking apps, but they took too long or just hanged. I want to benchmark CPU performance and gaming performance. Since my current CPU is probably...
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