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  1. cute.bandar

    Service or New purchase ?

    This may not be a hardware error. Go into BIOS. See if the issue appears there. If not time to downgrade/upgrade display driver
  2. cute.bandar

    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    wait for it.
  3. cute.bandar

    Life Pro Tip(LPT) Thread

    Recommend your parents to watch historial serials like tenali rama, ahilya bai, Ashoka as an alternative to saas bahu serials and news. My parents love them and I love them as I don't have to hear the rona dhona of saas bahu and drama of news channels.
  4. cute.bandar

    Google A Number Ending With A Particular Sequence

    The closest is Ican think of : google allows searching numbers by range: 11111..13229 - Google Search . Not sure though
  5. cute.bandar

    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    Watched "The tomorrow war" (2021) . Won't recommend I like action movies, but this was just too dumb. Reminded me of some bollywood brainless flicks.
  6. cute.bandar

    Share something 'different' and/or interesting you do .

    The beaker app looks amazing! Do you have any other recommendation for circuit/electronics app for a complete beginner? Every circuit seems great for those who has at least some idea about what they are doing..
  7. cute.bandar

    Share something 'different' and/or interesting you do .

    Interactive circuits EveryCircuit - Home I am trying to learn electronics and circuits and the above site is great. Its not free, but the one day trial can be extended by clearing site data from browser. There are lots more circuit simulators , many free. tinkercad is one that comes to mind.
  8. cute.bandar

    Upgrading Sata SSD to NNMe

    I agree. I upgraded from a 2015 250gb ssd to nvme a2000. For everyday use there is no noticeable difference at all. Only place it makes a noticeable difference in docker accessing 100k files.
  9. cute.bandar

    Username changed in Windows 10. Has it been hacked?

    Is your user a local user or a microsoft account user ?
  10. cute.bandar

    Upgrading an old PC for normal work

    Step 1. Get an SSD .. If you don't have the budget, then get a 128gb one, but don't skip on it. It makes a MASSIVE difference. It might make a bigger difference than a sys upgrade
  11. cute.bandar

    Forza Horizon 4

    lol I meant it needs specific cars that have to be bought.
  12. cute.bandar

    Forza Horizon 4

    Damn they treat customers bad. Random 1min forced ads. and some races are practically pay to race. You need a specific car to race, either get the car with really large ingame credits, or real $.
  13. cute.bandar

    Forza Horizon 4

    yeah stable for me as well. @ 60 fps . I have ryzen 1600af, 1650, 16gb
  14. cute.bandar

    Forza Horizon 4

    Now that I am playing with a goal of earning money, races have become more 'meaningful' . So glad I got it. I am in full gaming zone now . Loving it. Runs @ 60 fps
  15. cute.bandar

    Forza Horizon 4

    bah! I am having too much fun with this. Had to buy :D . Now to find ways to quickly make Crs. Any recommended guide please ?
  16. cute.bandar

    Forza Horizon 4

    How much game time does it take to get fast travel anywhere house ? I don't have much time to spend these days on gaming, and can't spend them on open world roaming about..
  17. cute.bandar

    Forza Horizon 4

    I am loving this with a controller. Keyword is controller. This is my first experience playing with a modern controller, with analog sticks. The driving experience has blown me away. I didn't know the throttle sound changes depending on how much its pressed! With keyboard its either 100 or 0 ...
  18. cute.bandar

    Looking for mic to improve distance and mic volume during speaker calls.

    I don't know. Just need something that can pick sounds from 1-2 meters away. Can lavalier mics handle this ?
  19. cute.bandar

    Looking for mic to improve distance and mic volume during speaker calls.

    wrong number. But thanks for the free bump :lol: Edit: Looks like the guy you replied to deleted his message.
  20. cute.bandar

    [NOSTALGIA] How long you've been Gaming ?

    Started with maria, contra , tank wars on a chinese nintendo clone, called samurai. Me and friend spent soo much time on those, maybe years. Then came Pc and aoe, aoe2. Such memories of these old games. I kept on gaming on and off. Single player only for me. Didn't have people to play with and I...
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