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  1. adikumar2010

    Computer stuttering while gaming

    Whenever I play Apex Legends (it's the only game I play) it makes the whole PC stutter every 3-4 mins (for 2-3 secs everything freezes). Although stuttering also happens when I am not gaming and just browsing but it's 2-3 times per day. This issue only started last month. Also I got my GPU...
  2. adikumar2010

    PSU under 7K

    I am looking for new PSU as my current Corsair VX550 PSU lasted 12 years. I need semi modular or fully modular. I think I should get wattage between 500W to 700W. I am using : CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 3600x (95W) Motherboard : Asus TUF Gaming X570 Plus RAM : 2 X 8GB A-Data XPG 3200Mhz CL16 SSD ...
  3. adikumar2010

    Printer for Disc Label Printing under Rs.12000

    I need all-in-one printer for home use preferably ink tank & with duplex printing if possible. Laser is out of my budget. I can't find any printer which can print on blank Discs (they have white Inkjet printable surface). Can someone please suggest what all options I can find in India !
  4. adikumar2010

    BSOD whenever I start gaming

    Whenever I launch any game and play for 2-3 minutes it crashes the whole PC. This issue only started last month. Also I got my GPU replaced last week, so it can't be GPU. I checked thermals during gaming and it's normal on GPU, CPU & Mobo. PC is little less then 2 years old. CPU : AMD Ryzen 5...
  5. adikumar2010

    Gaming Mechanical Keyboard under Rs.7000

    I mainly play FPS games like Apex Legends & Hyperscape. I need gaming keyboard with following requirements : 1) Palm rest 2) Should be full size keyboard 3) Actuation Force should be as low as possible as I got small hands under 50cN 4) Linear switches 5) Multimedia hot-keys Optional features...
  6. adikumar2010

    Wireless Gaming Mouse under Rs.7000

    I am looking for gaming mouse wireless under 7K. I mostly play FPS games like Apex Legends, Hyperscape. These are my must have requirements : 1) I am Right handed user with Finger Tip Grip 2) Mouse should be under 100 grams with batteries 3) Same latency as wired mouse These are optional...
  7. adikumar2010

    Enclosure for Internal Blu-Ray Writer

    I was looking to buy external blu-ray writer but I can't find any in Indian Market that supports all regular blu-ray formats along with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc & 3D Blu-ray movies. However I found 2 internal blu-ray writer which supports everything I need. But I am not sure if internal writer...
  8. adikumar2010

    Bass head earphones under Rs.2000

    For 13 years I have used Creative EP-630, someone at digit forum suggested me those back in 2007 because I wanted extra bass, since then I am buying those every time they stop working. They usually last 6 months to 3 years at most, it's random and cost around Rs.700. If I listen to them on...
  9. adikumar2010

    Improve loudness on Samson SR950

    I got Samson SR950 they sound fine , no issue with quality but the problem is the output is low from my PC motherboard. How can I make them sound louder? I don't want to spend more then $50-60. I just listen to music and play games I am not into any studio stuff. I saw some amps but they are...
  10. adikumar2010

    Silicon Power 1TB NVMe (SP001TBP34A80M28) Write Speed Issue

    I ran some benchmarks and I am getting very low write Seq. Q32T1 speed from few weeks in crystal disk mark. Originally Seq. Q32T1 write speed was always above 3000mbps when I bought it last year which is the advertised speed by company. I am not sure what could be the issue. Maybe the SSD is...
  11. adikumar2010

    Headphones under 6K-7K

    I am looking for headphones to be used in this ratio : 40% Gaming - 35% Music - 25% Movie/TV Series and will be using them with PC & sometimes on PS4. Very rarely with mobile. These are my main uses : Games - Apex Legends, Hyperscape, RUST Music - Trap & Bass, Dubstep, Moombahton, Hip-Hop/Rap...
  12. adikumar2010

    Performance Desktop under 80K

    I want to build a performance desktop. I won't be gaming on it at the moment. I usually don't buy new computer before 6-7 years. My last 2 desktop both lasted 8 years each without upgrading CPU & Mobo (Only RAM + Storage I added) I have some parts from old build - 1) Case : NZXT GUARDIAN 921...
  13. adikumar2010

    RAM compatibility with GA-M68M-S2P

    I have a doubt, will Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2P motherboard Work with my AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE processor AND 2GB X 2 RAM - 4GB G.Skill PI Black F2-6400CL4D-4GBPI-B Dual Channel - DDR2 800Mhz -DIMM 240-pin Please help as I am also confused about RAM because on official Gigabyte website I don't...
  14. adikumar2010

    Fast Performance Internal 1 TB HDD

    I was using 750GB WD Black Cavier in my desktop which stopped working. My desktop is 5 years old, so I don't want to buy very expensive new internal HDD/SSD coz in few months desktop components will start to die out like CPU, Motherboard, GPU, etc.. 1 by 1. And I don't have plan to rebuild it or...
  15. adikumar2010

    Largest/Best Quality Monitor for 20k

    1. Budget - Around 20k 2. Display type and size - want as big as I can get, I did some research found out that 27" monitor starts from 15k and 29" starts from 29k, sick difference. Maybe there is some monitor I don't know about which is more then 27" and under 25k. 3. Primary use of...
  16. adikumar2010

    Cheapest 46" Full HD TV

    I want to buy 46 inches Full HD TV which I can buy in india because there are some models which are on the website but when I ask the shopkeeper he tells me that these are no longer available or are not available in indian market. I will be using Xbox 360 and PS3 to play on it. Companies...
  17. adikumar2010

    5.1 Speakers under 5k

    I want to buy 5.1 speakers ,my max budget is around 5k, my top priority is Deep Bass. I want to maximum amount of bass, I can compromise on other aspects. The bass should be able to handle very low frequencies and produce enormous bass.
  18. adikumar2010

    Gaming Rig under 47k

    Gaming Rig under 42k My budget is 55k,I wnt to make most powerful gaming CPU,I'll use Benq-E2200HD full HD 1920 X 1080 22inch, 13k worth LCD 42k is remaining for CPU cabinet I'll play games like Crysis:War Head, Farcry, FEAR, Assassins Creed, supreme commander, call of duty 4, world in...
  19. adikumar2010

    Help building gaming rig

    I wnt to build a powerful gaming desktop, I'm only confused b/w motehrboard, graphics card & processor and have 30k for it So tell me 1. Motherboard for under 10k (According to processor Intel or AMD supported, supports DDR3 RAM, SATA2, all latest processors launched till date) 2. Best...
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