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  1. gameranand

    Cam Scanner Alternative for Desktop

    I use Camscanner or the likes for scanning documents on mobile, however there are many residing on my desktop. Also I prefer to work on desktop instaed of smartphone. So I would like to know if there are any alternative like that for desktop where I can select any image and it would brighten...
  2. gameranand

    Windows 10 Boot Problem

    I am using Windows 10 and it takes a lot of time to Boot. It just goes on Black screen and dotted circles keep going in circles for like 30 mins or so and then it takes me to the logon screen. I have done 5-6 Windows clean installs and found a trend in the problem. After several days of usage...
  3. gameranand

    VPN for buying games in other regions

    I used Hola a lot in the olden days for buying games from other regions. Now that its bad and proven multiple times, I wanna switch to something other than Hola. I was mostly out of the loop in past 6-9 months and because of that I have missed all the discussions on various sites about the next...
  4. gameranand

    Gas Guzzlers Extreme

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Gas Guzzlers. P-Qq74Kbi7A I bought it as a random game during some sales, don't exactly remember. As it turns out game is actually very fun. Controls are nice and weapons are awesome. Its like Blur only miles better than that, it has guns, powerups and...
  5. gameranand

    [Query] Asus Motherboard RMA

    I am using Asus Maximus V Formula Motherboard which has several problems and I have to start the RMA process. I am living in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. Please tell me how long would this process take, also how to take precautions as I have read and heard that Asus has pretty damn BAD RMA service...
  6. gameranand

    Is my Second GPU Slot Dead ??

    Hi I have the following Configuration with Asus Maximus V Formula Motherboard Intel Core i7 3770K Asus Maximus V Formula Corsair Vengeance 2133MHz 4GB *2 WD 2 TB Black Edition (WD2002FAEX) *2 Sapphire HD7870 GHz Edition *2 Crossfire Setup Corsair RM850 Cooler Master Storm Trooper ATX...
  7. gameranand

    Payday/Payday 2 Discussion Thread

    Considering the fact that Payday was free for a day for 1 days so I am guessing all our members have it already and Payday 2 is also pretty cheap and always come on sales so I am making this thread for these games. Gb-_DKC6wc4 So this game is all about money. Do jobs, make cash. Spend the cash...
  8. gameranand

    Ghost Recon Phantoms

    So nowadays some of the TDF guys are playing this game including me and tell me tell you that this game is fun to play a tough nut to crack with a noob team. Developer - Ubisoft Singapore Publisher - Ubisoft Genre - TPS So please Share...
  9. gameranand

    Tribes Ascend Discussion

    I just found out a great MMO FPS game, thanks to Anorion This is one hell of a game and you guys should definitely try it. Very good game and good pings also. Name - Tribes Ascend Developer - Hi-Rez Studios Publisher - Hi-Rez Studios Engine - Unreal Engine 3 Release Date - April 12, 2012 Genre...
  10. gameranand

    Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams

    Guys anyone playing this game ?? Its a great platformer game, the feature to change the environment on the fly is really really awesome, visually the game is very pleasing also. You guys should play this one. Name - Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams Developer - Black Forest Games Publisher -...
  11. gameranand

    A sudden rise in Zombie games

    Guys is it just me or you guys have also noticed it. A few years back there weren't so many zombie games but now when I go to steam or any gaming site then its flooding with Zombie games. Just too many games of this type. What triggered the sudden rise in development of so many zombie games or I...
  12. gameranand

    Installing DAO Utlimate Edition using Disk through Origin

    I have Dragon Age Ultimate Edition in my Origin Account but I want to install the game through Disk as I have the ahem version ISOs, I have Disk for DAO then DAO: Awakening and Exe files for DLC. How can I install using them instead of downloading the entire game ??
  13. gameranand

    Crackling Sound from Speakers

    Guys some ago my speakers and my Headphones were working fine and then when I was listening to a song then there were a lot of crackling, I mean that there would be a pause in the original song and there would be crack and then song will resume as usual, also the video is suffering from no...
  14. gameranand

    Question about Steam

    Guys I am going to my village this Friday and there is no internet connection there. I want to take the Steam so that I can play atleast in offline mode. Anyway to do that, I can't have internet there even for some time, connectivity problem. Is there anyway to do that guys ?? I really wanna...
  15. gameranand

    Budget Phone Under 5K

    1. Budget? Ans. - Max 5K (Can't go over it) 2. Display type and size? Ans. Any 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Ans - Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? Ans - Any Reputed Brand Like Nokia, Samsung. He wants to buy from a reputed brand only with nice ASS. 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY...
  16. gameranand

    CPU and Related Components for 25K

    Guys one of my friend needs a upgrade from his current PC. Following are the components that he needs to buy. CPU Motherboard GPU RAM SMPS Cabinet Max Budget is 25K and he can't exceed that. The needs are basic Surfing and Videos and all. Also he likes to play games too so a good GPU...
  17. gameranand

    Folder taking too much time to Open

    Guys I am facing a weird problem with a particular folder. I have a Folder named Softwares and it takes too much time to open at the first time I start the PC. It takes like 2-5 minutes to open it. Once it opens then it will open again in the same sessions in matter of seconds but for the first...
  18. gameranand

    Need some C++ Programs

    Guys first of all I apologize for this stupid request but I am really desperate. I need C++ programs for the following 1. SJF ( Non-Preemptive) CPU Scheduling 2. SJF ( Preemptive) CPU Scheduling 3. Round Robin CPU Scheduling 4. FCFS Disk Scheduling 5. SSTF Disk Scheduling 6. Banker's Algorithm...
  19. gameranand

    Borderlands 2 GOTY MP and Co-Op Discussion

    OK so lot many of us have recently ordered Borderlands GOTY Edition and so wanted to start game together in Co-Op. So this thread is basically dedicated for that very purpose. Please Share your views here about the game Co-Op part and we arrange the Co-Op sessions from this thread itself as...
  20. gameranand

    Crystal Disk Info Analysis HDD Advice

    Hey guys I install this software and it shows Yellow. Here are the images. Do I need to be worried or something ?? Please do tell me what that yellow color is saying. :)
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