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  1. mitraark

    Ryzen 5 5600G vs Ryzen 5 3400G

    If you aren't gaming no need for AMD G series. Get the 10400 Processor with a H410 motherboard, combo with 16 GB RAM will cost you around Rs 28k.
  2. mitraark

    Best CPU cooler for Ryzen 5 2600 and Coolermaster TD500L ?

    If you're looking to get cooler temps even the sub 1k Antec A30 would do a wonderful job. However itd look cheap with your cabinet. Go for this one with rainbow lighting 2 fan configuration doesnt help much for a...
  3. mitraark

    Help Rebuild a PC

    The tX650 was a great PSU, it can easily handle mid range config now i suppose.
  4. mitraark

    Upgrading old PC for gaming - Budget 70K

    I also saw the same price on Flipkart, but couldn't pull the trigger as i was hoping the 11400 would be available soon. I was wrong, the 11400 is retailing at Rs 21500 now. The 5600x is probably a better bet. Congratulations on your purchase.
  5. mitraark

    Budget Mechanical Keyboard Below 3.5k

    I have the Redragon K552 TKL, its great. Built is better than Cosmic Byte, Ant.. I got the Per key lighting edition for 3.4k.
  6. mitraark

    Need PC under 70K Without Graphics card

    CONGRATS! Thats a superb deal for the CPU + MOBO. Online prices of the 11400f itself is over 19k. I highly recommend you get a CPU cooler. A 2k Deepcool cooler would suffice.
  7. mitraark

    Processor/CPU News Channel

    I wont use the stock cooler, i have always felt an after market air cooler is an essential part of a build, in terms of performance as well as aesthetics. Have my eye on the GTE V2 but i may splurge on a ARCTIC Freezer 34 Esports Duo if i feel like it :grin: Just waiting for the CPU prices to...
  8. mitraark

    Processor/CPU News Channel

    Hope other processors also become available soon. I have been waiting to upgrade for a long time.. (My bio says i have a i7 6700k but it conked, im on a i3 7100, its bottlenecking my GTX 1070 while playing Valorant. Im looking forward to the i5 11400f but Zen 3 is also on the shortlist for its...
  9. mitraark

    Sellers force selling in bundles

    Wow, this is open coercion. How does Flipkart allow such practices, these kind of things can create huge negative impact in their users.
  10. mitraark

    Need to buy a PSU?

    Edit. My bad. PSU should not be the issue. I have had my CX400 run far more demanding hardware. I also feel the memory may be the culprit here. Midway crashes are their forte.
  11. mitraark

    Processor/CPU News Channel

  12. mitraark

    Processor/CPU News Channel

    Any news on i5 11400f availability in India? Expected price?
  13. mitraark

    Graphics Card Upgrade

    2nd Hand GPU market is also doing a mauke pe chauka. 1050ti which used to sell at 6-8k half a year back is now going for 12+k. Just, wait, unless youre ok with the spending, and dont want to wait.. otherwise i would have consoled myself that the R7 250 can play 720p and should last a few...
  14. mitraark

    Graphics Card Upgrade

    Now is probably the worst time to buy a Graphics Card. Due to the mining craze prices have almost doubled/ you wont get any significant upgrade shelling out 5k over your R7 250 now.
  15. mitraark

    New 4K Gaming PC Budget 75-80k

    Bro dont go for higher resolution. Its the FPS that makes games seem better. Id take 144Hz 1080p anyday over 4k 60Hz. Check out a 144hz monitor somewhere and youll understand the difference.
  16. mitraark

    Want to sell old PC and want new PC parts suggestion bajat 20k max

    Get the i3 10100f , it;; be a few thousand rupees cheaper and use with the 730. Upgrade GPU later.
  17. mitraark

    The Mutual Funds Investment Thread

    Not good in the sense? Returns are low? Gilt funds are stable. Secured. Govt backed. And they do well in times uncertainities, which im hoping will come sooner or later given the overvalued state of markets right now. SIPs i had a few that ran its preplanned 3 years course(mid july to sep), i...
  18. mitraark

    The Mutual Funds Investment Thread

    I have slowed down on my SIPs into Equity MF and shifted to Gilt Funds and other debt funds. I feel equity prices are inflated right now ( al though have been sauing it since Nifty was at 12k this September, so dont go by my wordd , or anyone elses for that matter.)
  19. mitraark

    Laptop for CSE course; 60k budget. Lenovo Legion 5i 10th Gen Intel Core i5 15.6" FHD IPS Gaming Laptop (8GB/512GB SSD/Windows 10/120 Hz/NVIDIA GTX 1650 4GB GDDR6/with M300 RGB Gaming Mouse/Phantom Black/2.3Kg), 82AU00KLIN...
  20. mitraark

    All laptop related queries here!!!

    Usually you are given the lump sum amount at once on producing the bill / quotation, then monthly installments are deducted from your salary. For office purpose this laptop may be good, well built with decent specs Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Intel Core i5 10th Gen 14-inch Full HD IPS Thin and Light...
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