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  1. KDroid

    Is MI Piston 3.0 a major upgrade on Soundmagic ES18?

    I've been using Sennheiser CX 180 for the past year. Unfortunately, The left earpiece has started giving me distortion problems. It's under warranty, but I've lost the bill. Also there are only 4 service centers in India. Before that, I used to have Soundmagic ES 18. It was absolute Value for...
  2. KDroid

    Football Manager 2015

    Thinking of buying Football Manager 2015. Haven't played any earlier versions but find it quite interesting. Now, before I decide to buy, I want to give it a shot. So I downloaded the *ahem* version. It has all the player names randomly generated. No real names. I'm hoping this is a problem...
  3. KDroid

    Laptop Buying Advice Required (Buying from US)

    A possibility has opened up for me to get a laptop from the US. So I'm looking for laptops right now. I had earlier planned to do it in the summer. 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Around 650$ (35-40k) 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Netbook; 11" - 10”...
  4. KDroid

    Flipkart increases the minimum order amount for free shipping to Rs. 500

    Flipkart increased the minimum order amount for free shipping to Rs. 500 Not only that, Flipkart has increased the Delivery Fees to Rs. 50 So if you want to buy a Rs. 100 book whose MRP is Rs. 135, you'll have to pay Rs. 150 for it. But I see that the discounts have increased slightly.
  5. KDroid

    Starving North Koreans eating own kids, corpses

  6. KDroid

    King of Victimhood: Shah Rukh Khan bites the hand that fed him

    [COLOR=#262626][FONT=Georgia]Interesting Reads. Sharing... _______________________ In Defence of Shah Rukh Khan
  7. KDroid

    2 men spend 12 days in jail for Facebook comments against Congress

  8. KDroid

    Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray dies at 86 in Mumbai after prolonged illness

    Source May his Soul Rest in Peace.
  9. KDroid

    Media Crooks

    I have been following this blog lately and it raises certain important issues that no one has ever raised before. Highly Recommended! Read some older posts to get an idea.
  10. KDroid

    Railways Shuts Down IIT Kanpur’s Rs 100 Crore Simran Project

  11. KDroid

    Online Shopping Preference Survey for Project Please take the Survey. I want about 10-15 responses for my Entrepreneurship project by today. Thank You. :)
  12. KDroid

    My Kindle Died. Help me revive it.

    My Kindle went dead this morning. I live in India. It is out of warranty. Initially the slide to switch did not respond. The screen was stuck at screensaver. PC did not detect it either. I removed the back cover. Took out the battery. Replaced it. Put the back cover. Now the PC detects it...
  13. KDroid

    Not able to seed Torrents in uTorrent

    Upload Speed : 0.0 kB/S Download Speeds are okay. Client: uTorrent v3.1.3
  14. KDroid

    PC won't boot up.

    It was working fine till yesterday. Now it's not booting up. I cleaned the RAM. Put it back. Reset BIOS. But still it won't boot up. I have a beeper attached to the MoBo (Got it from my old PC). It used to beep earlier. It won't beep now. :( Help.
  15. KDroid

    The Dark Knight Rises

    Arguably the most awaited film of the year. :thumbs: Releasing: July 20th 2012 :hyper: :clap2: Teaser Trailer z5Humz3ONgk Trailer 2 IJ0l_tN6KN0 Trailer 3 g8evyE9TuYk TV Spots _o4eeDDN_zA zN9KhqQgAec jZgS47ZRsiE Prologue (This was screened in theatres during MI4)...
  16. KDroid

    [Want to Buy] Decent IEMs | Budget = Rs. 800

    I'm in search for decent IEMs for my newly bought iAudio E2. If you're planning to sell yours, contact via PM. Shouldn't be older than a year.
  17. KDroid

    The ISEET Discussion Thread

    This thread is for discussion on the proposed New single entrance Exam pattern for Entrance into Engineering Colleges. Apparently, the probability of this pattern being implemented from the next year are very high. The proposed name is ISEET - Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test...
  18. KDroid

    Headphone Buying Advice Required | Budget ~ 1k1

    Headphone Buying Advice Required | Budget ~ 1k I'm in search for decent headphones. Mainly for watching movies & listening to Music. Not much of an audiophile. Will use 'em for about an hour a day. Budget's 1k. Max Budget = 1.2k :) Products in consideration: Philips SHP2700, Sennheiser HD201
  19. KDroid

    Best Free PDF Editor?

    Please Suggest me a good PDF Editor. TIA. :)
  20. KDroid

    Apple stops selling iPhone 4S in China to protect its staff

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