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  1. topgear

    Linux vs. Unix: What's the difference?

    Stumbled upon this nice article I think which every linux user shall know about. Was not able to resist to create a thread about it and make it a pinned one. "Dive into the differences between these two operating systems that share much of the same heritage and many of the same goals."...
  2. topgear

    Weird PC Problem

    So my bro has this AMD setup with Gigabyte Motherboard ( black colored ) and AMD Phenom II 955 cpu cooled by xigmatech loki II cooler with 8G of ram ( 2x 4G corsair 1600 Mhz running at 1333 Mhz ). No oc or anything and beside works he used to play CSGO and GTA5 and some other games. GPU is...
  3. topgear

    A 2K Router for Less than 1K

    Just got this from amazon - on prime day @ 799 After seeing one review by Shadab Ahmed that we can flash the firmware of Tenda AC5 on this one which cost just a rupee below 2K ...
  4. topgear

    Gigabyte GPU RMA Experience

    My elder bro have gigabyte GT730 1GB GDDR5 on a his pc with a i5 2500 and a cx430. Used for casual web surfing and some light gaming life L4D2, CSGO, Train Simulator etc. for 1 to hours 3 to 4 times a week. The card ran flawlessly for around 2 years. So on last week of Sept it went for a sleep...
  5. topgear

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - A Story of experience with PSUs

    So on one fine morning the corsair GS600 produced a big bang ( at-least it sounded like it ). All I could hear is a frightening sound and smell of something has burned. I got panicked though was sure it was the PSU. Unplugged and dismounted that damn thing from pc. Tested it with a PSU tester (...
  6. topgear

    BSNL launches new 'Chauka' Rs 444 plan with 4GB data limit per day

    New Delhi: In the ongoing data wars, state-run telecom firm BSNL announced a new Rs 444 prepaid mobile scheme with an increase in per day data offering to 4GB, and 90 days validity. "Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has introduced 'BSNL Chaukka' - '444”, a new STV, for truly unlimited data...
  7. topgear

    Message from Western Digital

    Source : PM Received from Lincon_WD
  8. topgear

    [Views] Zotac Supertron RMA

    So I've this GT 620 on one of my old rig. The card was malfunctioning. The standard warranty period of the card was over but I've registered the card for extended warranty long before. Still to be sure sent an e-mail to They have asked for extended warranty registration...
  9. topgear

    Intel Xeon LGA 771 on a Moded LGA 775 Socket .. A Platform ahaed of it's time

    Now we are in a time when manufacturers are coming up with everything " locked" to shoo away enthusiasts ( sans the hardcore and sponsored ones ). But personally my mind is still on the time when LGA 775 platform was in it full mature state where you can overclock, mod almost any supported cpu...
  10. topgear

    Reliance CDMA and 4G Migration Woes

    I'm from Reliance Kolkata CDMA Circle. CDMA service stopped on 24th May .. Now I've one ages old Reliance CDMA phone [ Nokia 2112 ] - 10 years and still kicking :D It has In built / Non removable SIM card or It's a Operator locked phone. Anyway, you can't put a sim card into this phone. Now...
  11. topgear

    Strange Issue with Motherboard

    A little config details : Phenom II 955BE @ Stock Asus M5a97 R2.0 Corsair Vengenance 1x 8GB / Corsair VS 1333 Mhz 4GB / Corsair VS 1600 Mhz 4GB Corsair GS600 PSU HD6850 GPU WD Black 1TB and SGT 500GB Problem Log : 1 . Bios time would not update / reset. I hibernate pc usually to...
  12. topgear

    Is this genuine ??

    Recently Purchased DDr3 4GB ram module from The box pack of the ram is totally different from what I've purchased on Feb 2015. Please have a look and tell me if it's genuine ? or else I'll return it.
  13. topgear

    Recent revisional changes in mid and low end intel boards

    I think all of us should be concerned about this : Main source : TechARX Forum ? View topic - Recent revisional changes in mid and low end intel boards. And some shocking reviews : Spot the differences: Gigabyte motherboard revisions present markedly different test results | Hardware.Info...
  14. topgear

    DC power jack repair guide

    This guide will explain how to repair a failed or loose DC power jack on a laptop computer yourself. Disclaimer: I’ve made these instructions only for people experienced with soldering and repairing computers. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this job, please do not open the laptop or you...
  15. topgear

    ROG Overclocking Guide For Core i7 5960X, 5930K & 5820K

    Found an excellent guide on overclocking Haswell - E cpus worth multiple readings and following :D For pics, info and more read on .... ROG Overclocking Guide Core For 5960X, 5930K & 5280K
  16. topgear

    ASUS ROG X99 Exclusive OC Socket – Extra Pins, Extra Performance!

    One of the key ways ASUS and ROG have boosted overclocking performance for CPU and memory on its X99 motherboards, is by enhancing the CPU socket! X99 motherboards use the LGA2011-3 socket (with 2011 pins), however with its patent-pending OC Socket, ASUS and ROG have added even more pins to...
  17. topgear

    [Toms] Asus ROG Ares III Card Comes With Full-Cover Water Block

    The first Asus ROG Ares graphics card was air-cooled, and when Asus slapped two Radeon HD 7970’s onto a single board the company decided to partially liquid cool the card, giving it a hybrid cooling design just like the newer AMD Radeon R9 295X2. This time around, when Asus put two Radeon R9...
  18. topgear

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha - is a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl mod released on Apr 25, 2014. No you don't need the original game as It's a standalone full free game for all veteran stalkers to enjoy. For Source, Download and more : Here's...
  19. topgear

    ASUS Modders Contest 2014

    1. The contest is open to all PC enthusiasts and modders residing in India. 2. They must be a fan of ASUS India Facebook Page. 3. They must present atleast one picture of their submissions: The shots should be clear of effects. Photo submission should not be less than 800 x 600 pixels in...
  20. topgear

    How Much Does It Cost to Make a Video Game ?

    So Here you go : Read on more on the Source website : How Much Does It Cost to Make a Video Game? - TechSpot
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