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  1. d3p

    RIG for Gaming/Streaming/Video Content Creation

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Games : CS:GO, GTA5, Insurgency. Video Editing : Sony Vegas...
  2. d3p

    [Guide] How to make CS:GO run at effective 120/144Hz & Other FAQ's ?? [56k warning]

    Well, its close to 10-11 months since i started playing CS GO & now i find it much addictive than any other games around. This Guide will help users to achieve a much smoother gameplay with any Quad Core, decent graphics card & lastly with 120Hz or 144Hz panels. Also might be helpful, if you...
  3. d3p

    Need Freewares to Clone & Copy HDD [Expert Opinion Counts]

    Sup Geeks ?? Lately, i would like to know the different ways to Clone & Backing Up OS or HDD data using freewares. I was using Norton Ghost earlier & now the license is expired, so looking for free alternates. My Requirements, 1). Should able to take OS image & HDD Backup. Currently using...
  4. d3p

    Discount Coupons for Giveaway

    Hi Mates. I am giving away the following discount coupons over steam for free. 1). 50% Super Meat Boy : Booked by rock2702 2). 75% Prime World : Defenders 3). 25% Dungeon Hearts 4). 10% Shadow Warriors 5). 75% Serious Sam II Reason of Giving away : Coupons are lying idle & not been used...
  5. d3p

    Suggestion on buying a Tablet.

    Hi all, All of sudden, I'm in need of a Tablet. Below are my preferences. 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) - 20k Max 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? - It should be slim & light to carry. Anything between 7-10inch is ok with my hands. 3) Are there any...
  6. d3p

    Nokia beats Apple, Samsung, HTC in customer satisfaction..

    Mean time enjoy this latest Windows Phone Campaign Z19vR1GldRI Making of the Video xAvW8oVCrvQ
  7. d3p

    [Complaint] Asus Monitor - Rashi RMA & Digicomp Service

    Its pretty much a torturious situation from my Asus Monitor & then the same with the service & now with RMA. Monitor Details : Asus VK278Q 27inch LED monitor. Purchase Date : Dec 2011. Issues : On dec'2012, i have observed flickering of the screen & later followed by 1). Complete control...
  8. d3p

    Apple ipod Touch 32GB [5 Generation] Unboxing..

    In short, i have no idea why have i purchased this ?? But quite happy with the device after 10minutes of struggle with registrations & device setup & 50 mins of Music... Damage : 300euros. 270 euros... Rest, let the picture do the talking.. Quite a Small box, when placed above my sleeping...
  9. d3p

    Education : Indian students in Germany need not pay to study

    New Delhi: Germany, a hub of quality scientific research and innovation, is keen to attract the brightest Indian minds for further studies and research and has as an incentive made it easier for students to stay over and work, the country's envoy has said. Another incentive for students is that...
  10. d3p

    Help on PSP Jail breaking

    Well, i have a Sony PSP 2004 model bought sometime back in 2008. Running fine & have some 13-15 game UMD's. Now the warranty is gone & i can't carry n-numbers of UMD's with me to play games. So i need help or contacts, where i can jailbreak it in bangalore ? I hope, discussion on jail...
  11. d3p

    The Euro 2012 Thread

    UEFA Euro Cup 2012 Group A Teams Coaches Poland | Russia | Greece | Czech Republic F. Smuda | D. Advocaat | Fernando Santos | M. Bílek Goal Keepers Poland | Russia | Greece | Czech Republic G. Sandomierski |...
  12. d3p

    [Praise] Logitech Service - Neoteric Informatics

    Well, my Logitech G27 brake pedals went kaput on last week & i have submitted the item for RMA to Neoteric Informatics Pvt. Ltd @ Wilson Garden, Bangalore. Address of Neoteric : Wilson Garden, Bangalore No.8/3 (251), Ground Floor & 1ST Floor, Above Nilgiris, 11th Main Road,13th Cross...
  13. d3p

    Surfing Internet from Moving Trains - Gets Clearance from ISRO.

    Initially the free internet surfing proposal was a big hit in the railway platforms & now they gave gone ahead. Nice Job.
  14. d3p

    Suggestions for 2.1/5.1 Speakers.

    Hi Folks, Sadly i sold my Logitech Z2300 2.1 Speakers & now thinking to upgrade to something bigger. I already have a Asus Xonar DX 7.1 Sound Card with me. Now i just want to move out from the era of Logitech's & Altec lansing's. Suggest me something different. Suggest either a powerful...
  15. d3p

    Nokia Belle Thread

    So where there is will, there is always a way....Finally the much awaited Nokia Belle is officially launched in India by Nokia. Belle Support Home [Link] Features : -Have up to six home screens with live widgets in different sizes -Personalise your home screens with home screen widgets and...
  16. d3p

    Need to Upgrade my Exisiting Config [Greedy HAF]

    Exsiting Config 1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A: Gaming @ HD Resolution, Watching HD Movies, Ripping Music, all other stuffs like Office, some...
  17. d3p

    Config for 90k [for a Starcraft Fan].

    Hey Guys, I have a office mate out here, who plays startcraft II after office with his friends. So i need some good, valuable suggestion on deciding his config. Let me highlight one more thing, this guy is Big Nvidia Fan, as the Nvidia cards perform better in Starcraft Series compared to any...
  18. d3p

    2 set of Corsair XMS3 2x2GB 1600.

    For Immediate Sale... Set 1: 1.Model number and details: Corsair XMS3 DDR3 2x2GB 1600 9-9-9-24 [CMX4GX3M2A1600C9] 2. Date of purchase:3rd March 2010. 3. Reason for sale: Purchased Dominator. 4. Warranty details:1Yr 7Months left out. 5. Expected Price: Current Price of the same is almost...
  19. d3p

    DDR3 RAM Guide

    What is DDR3 ? DDR3 SDRAM stands for Double Data Rate Three Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. Compared to DDR2 SDRAM, DDR3 SDRAM delivers higher performance, maintaining lower voltage levels and greatly improving data transfer rates. DDR3 is hardly a new technology, having been around...
  20. d3p

    Cooler Master Pro M600w.

    For Sale - Cooler Master Pro M600w with invoice & warranty. 1. Model number and details: Cooler Master Silent Pro M600w Modular PSU 2. Date of purchase: 05 - March - 2010. 3. Reason for sale: System Going under Up-gradations & Bought AX850 already. 4. Warranty details: 3Yrs & 8Months of...
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