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  1. Nerevarine

    Whats your stance on the Pegasus leak ?

    Another yikes by the GoI. Some months back I made a joke that 1984 is no longer fiction, and its just becoming true month by month. Its just insane how the GoI isnt even denying the claims with statements like these
  2. Nerevarine

    Open source wallpaper app for Android

    Do you guys use any wallpaper app in your phones ? Google Wallpapers has very limited selection and the backgrounds arent 1440p/4K, so does look a bit blurry on 1440p phones. The rest of the apps I found like Walli are all paid with free wallpapers either having a paywall or ads. Even the...
  3. Nerevarine

    Synology DS220+ Review [Nerevarine]

    Disclosure Even though I have been provided with a Synology NAS to review by, my opinions are my own. I shall present this review to the best of my abilities detailing the aspects that I liked and areas of improvement for Synology to take into account. Please note, the unit that came...
  4. Nerevarine

    Absorbing Markov Chains - Anyone have experience in calculating probability ?

    Hi, I am writing a program to calculate the probability of state transition from a specific transient state to all absorbing states. Does anyone have experience in absorbing markov chains, i have couple of queries to ask. main question is how to scale a matrix to nxn.. If anyone can provide a...
  5. Nerevarine

    Whatsapp sued Indian govt

    It's crazy to think whatsapp is fighting for user's privacy. I guess everything is relative
  6. Nerevarine

    Digit review of asus g15 @Anorion and other digit staff.. I read the recent review of scar 15. It is missing one crucial detail. The reviewer did not test whether the laptop has a mux switch or not. Not having a mux switch means the laptop...
  7. Nerevarine

    [For Sale] Gaming Desktop + Monitor for sale

    Want to Sell : 1. Gaming Desktop Ryzen 5 1600 8x2 GB Corsair 3000 mhz RAM (5 year + warranty remaining) Zotac GTX 1080 (~1 year warranty remaining) Antec VP650 PM PSU Asrock AB350Pro4 Mobo Deepcool Dukase V2 250 GB WD Green SSD All bill available. Total Expected price : Rs 50,000. Not...
  8. Nerevarine

    How many of you use password managers ?

    Which password manager and why ? I am migrating from lastpass to bitwarden, as lastpass has ended multi device support for free and in general lastpass is asshoe!...was curious if there are even better alternatives.
  9. Nerevarine

    Mini ITX Builds

    How are they in terms of portability, do mini itx builds have any hidden issues like cooling and all ? I see a lot of cases from cooler master which have very small form factor, I am curious why no one buys them in India. Does anyone have any recommendations on Mobo and Case for Mini ITX, I am...
  10. Nerevarine

    Jack ma missing after he made comments against CCP

    Im getting this in my feed, could this be true ?
  11. Nerevarine

    Rechargeable Batteries for Xbox One controller

    Hello, Im looking for rechargeable batteries for Xbox one controller. Normal eveready batteries last barely 2 days with my usage. Anyone have experience in Rechargeable batteries, Im willing to shell out 1-1.5k for 4 good batteries and a charger. I've researched a bit, have found out 3 brands ...
  12. Nerevarine

    Finally some place with warranty for Orico/raspberry pi stuff

    Guys, I discovered, ordered an Orico enclosure from amazon. I got a card with it to register for free 12 month warranty. Apparently they are official retailers for these kind of product and provide free replacement warranty for 12 months. Made this post just so people can know, you can...
  13. Nerevarine

    Reliance Digital Worth it ?

    Hi, wish to purchase a mixer grinder for mom, fixed upon Phillips HL7707. On Amazon it is 9500, but on Reliance Digital website it is 6999. Should I buy it from there ? Anyone has experience buying from reliance digital ? how do they handle return if defective product is received...
  14. Nerevarine

    Pascal's wager - A souls game on Mobile ?

    I just bumped into this, while browsing YouTube. Seems to have high production value, with cutscenes, animations and fluid movements. Is this a proper souls game on android. I read the developer interview and their entire studio seems to understand the concept behind "good" games. What do you...
  15. Nerevarine

    Baldur's Gate 3

    Cant wait to get this, I Thought Larian outdid itself with Original Sin 2 but this is next level. I could never play the classic games like Baldur's Gate 1/2, Neverwinter nights. Even Pillars Of Eternity is too pen/papery and not too modern. Now that they changed the gameplay to turnbased, it...
  16. Nerevarine

    Suggest new cabinet

    Currently using a beat up Deepcool Tesseract, its finally time to upgrade.. Requirements minimum three 3.5 inch storage space and two 2.5 inch storage space. Cable management space NO RGB necessary but tempered glass would be nice Under 8k Budget I like symmetry.. Looking at Antec P110 Luce...
  17. Nerevarine

    [Complaint] Amazon Seller DaksonMart

    Hello, I bought a WD Purple 1 TB HDD from Amazon Seller DaksonMart around 2 weeks back. The HDD I recieved was DOA. I checked it's SMART fields in CrystalDiskInfo and it was a genuine purple drive but one of the fields had an exceedingly high error count, which is why Disk couldnt be...
  18. Nerevarine

    Require Email Client + Calendar Client

    Looking for a good Email Client and a Calendar client that would sync with Microsoft Office365/Exchange. I tried thunderbird but it refused to work, probably because I need an app password ? However, I am able to use default mail app on my mac without any issue (and without any app password)...
  19. Nerevarine

    Require new inear monitors

    Lost my e10bt. Looking for an upgrade or a sidegrade over it but wired this time. Budget max Rs 2000. Going to use it with one plus 7 pro, and sometimes with MacBook pro. so please suggest that tiny wire dac thing as well because no hpjack on one plus. Already have good set of headphone and...
  20. Nerevarine

    DAC Suggestion ? 5k

    Hello, Need a DAC under 5k to use with Swans M10 and ATH-M50X. Fiio E10k is natural choice. Are there any other options. 2 separate jacks (one headphone + one line out, for speakers) is mandatory. Thanks in advance
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