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  1. adityak469

    UPS with 16A socket?

    I was thinking to get a UPS for my PC as power cuts are getting frequent these days in my area but I noticed that my PSU wire has a 16A plug whereas all the UPS in the market only have 6A sockets in them. This doesn't make sense at all :| If I change my PSU wire to a 6A pin will it work? Any...
  2. adityak469

    [Praise] Acer VG240Y Replacement

    My Acer VG240Y suddenly gave out on Friday night, there were lines on the screen. I called the toll free number the next morning, they directed me to send the details in an email with video proof, which I did. It was verified in 2 hours and I got a call from the service centre in my locality...
  3. adityak469

    High ping in Valorant?

    Hi, recently I've been getting very high ping in Valorant, around 110ms fluctuating upto 130ms. Earlier I used to get 70ms constant. I pinged the servers from cmd and they returned 60ms average ping. Any help to what may be causing the problem and to increase my ping? I'm using JioFiber...
  4. adityak469

    HP Pavilion GTX 1650 can't play games.

    Hello, My friend recently brought a HP Pavilion (specs below), I'm posting on his behalf as he doesn't use forums and all. Any game he tries to play lags a lot, even GTA 5 at low and 720p in windowed mode lags. Valorant works fine for him. I figured it'd be because the laptop isn't using the...
  5. adityak469


    Hey, Does anyone here play valorant? It's really similar to CSGO but has abilities and characters. It's really fun. Personally I like Valorant better than CSGO cause it's much more fun. Let me know your opinions on the game and drop your gamertag if you play, would be really nice to have a...
  6. adityak469

    GTX 980 + Ryzen 3600

    Hi I'm getting GTX 980 Ryzen 3 3600 8GB RAM and motherboard for 30k Should I buy it and what should I expect?
  7. adityak469

    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 for 10k?

    primeabgb is offering Ryzen 7 1700 for 10k : R7 1700 abgb is this a good deal?
  8. adityak469

    Borderlands 2

    Anyone still plays BL2 on steam, would be fun to play co-op. Me and @Anorion played yesterday and it was fun :D Anybody wants to join? Please reply :D
  9. adityak469

    Best Bluetooth Speakers 2k-3k

    Looking to buy a good bluetooth speaker. Budget - 2k. 3k only if there's some major differences Requirements - Bass should be more than good. Need to play EDM mostly. Should be able to play it while charging ASS is not that important I was considering to buy SoundBot SB571,it has got great...
  10. adityak469

    e-Book Reader

    Posting here so it can get more views and better suggestions I'm looking for a eBook reader, I have NO idea about eBook readers. So here's what I need Budget - 3k(+500 if its really worth it, not a penny more) Screen size - Doesn't really matter but 6"+ would be good (I've read ebooks on a 4"...
  11. adityak469

    Laptop ~60k

    <b>1) What is your budget? </b>(INR or USD)<br /> <br />60k <br /> <b>3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? </b><br /> <br />gaming <br /> <b>5) Any typical configuration in your mind you're eying for ?</b><br /> <br />yeah, was looking for a DOS one rather...
  12. adityak469

    Earphones ~2k

    My KZ ATE is almost gone due to my super rough usage and now I'm looking for an upgrade Suggest me earphones around 2k which can be considered a good upgrade over KZ ATE. PS - I've used ES18, KZ ED2, KZ ED8, KZ ED10 and currently on KZ ATE Mic is necessary and it should be able to handle...
  13. adityak469

    [For Sale] Brand new Redmi 1S Screen+Digitiser

    Product Name - Redmi 1S Screen+Digitizer Expected Price - 900 Source and Time of Purchase - I guess a month ago, bro got it for me. Reason for Sale - Moved to Redmi 2 Prime before I could replace the screen on 1S Product Condition - Brand New Product Location - Ranchi, Jharkhand Shipping -...
  14. adityak469

    Redmi 2 Prime

    The Redmi 2 Prime is a mid-cycle refresh of the Redmi 2. It features a bump in RAM and ROM for an extra 1000 bucks, pricing the Redmi 2 Prime at Rs 6999, whereas the Redmi 2 is priced at 5999. The Redmi 2 Prime is apparently manufactured in India, at a plant operated by Foxconn in the Sricity...
  15. adityak469

    Buying Phone From AliExpress

    So I was thinking to get a phone from AliExpress for my friend. I've ordered a lot of stuff from there but all of them were <$20. This would be my first big purchase from AliExpress. I am only worried about customs as I have no idea how it works. Can anyone share their experience of buying...
  16. adityak469

    Redmi 2 vs Yu Yunique

    1. Budget? A. At max 7k 2. Display type and size? A. ~5 inch 3. Dual sim? A. Not necessary 4. Preferred choice of brand? A. None 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? A. Flash+Front both necessary. Also camera should be good. 6. Preferred operating system? (Android...
  17. adityak469

    [Want to Buy] Redmi 1S

    Looking for a Redmi 1S At max 1 year old Only charger as a accessory required There should be minimal or no scratches on screen Willing to pay 4k (negotiable)
  18. adityak469

    Iconic Ringtones You Ever Discovered?

    What are the best/iconic ringtones you ever discovered? Notification sound counts too. (with links :D ) For me it there are two - Mario Theme Song - Spiderman Theme Song (TASM 2) -...
  19. adityak469

    Anyone has a Nokia C2-01?

    My mom's Nokia C2-01's display broke and all the contacts were in it. Its on mass storage rather than Ovi Suite mode so I cant backup the contents. Can anyone help me to change the mode to Ovi Suite by guiding me through the clicks ?
  20. adityak469

    10/42 Inch TV Suggestion

    40/42 Inch TV Suggestion The title says it all. My sister needs it for watching cable TV and movies through pendrive.(1USB port is enough). Mostly it'll be used for cable TV. Budget is ~30k(she can extend if ultimately necessary) as it'll be a normal 1080p TV (I dont want her to waste money...
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