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  1. furious_gamer

    Replacing E7400 with Q6600, a wise decision?

    So as you know, I tried to play GTA IV couple of days before and even with an GPU upgrade(GTX 750Ti), I didn't see huge improvements. So, after lot of digging online, find that Quad core makes hell a lot of sense to play GTA IV. Since I'm very short on budget, my search for old Quads began! I...
  2. furious_gamer

    Problem with 600VA UPS during Gaming!

    Hi guys, So I recently got my hands on a GTX750Ti & VS550. So I removed my age old HD4670 & generic 400W PSU and installed them both. I have this UPS from CyberPower which is rated at 600VA and it works fine even after I installed GTX750Ti. Now I have to tell you guys, that, in my home, we...
  3. furious_gamer

    TDF Playdate V3.0

    So guys, after a long time I am back into gaming. Although not furious like before, I play everyday for a minimum of 30 mins to max 2 hours. So if anyone wanna join me, or want to play as a group, please ping me! Steam ID : Steam Community :: cs_go_learne If you want to arrange a big party of...
  4. furious_gamer

    E7400 with GTX750Ti

    So guys, my current PC Setup is E7400 + ASUS P5N-MX + 4GB DDR2 + HD4670 One of my colleague went to Malaysia and bought GTX 750Ti + VX550 PSU. Last minute the buyer backed off and now I get the both for 11k! Should I go for it? And change the Mobo+Proccy+RAM later next month? What do...
  5. furious_gamer

    PC @ 20k for Mild Gaming & Official work

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Gaming occasionally(not all high settings), Tally, Office 360...
  6. furious_gamer

    Anyone remember the name of this game?

    I used to play this around 2001-02. The theme will be like, we have an island of desert(s) where some weird creatures will be there. We have an jet pack with some guns to kill them. What we do is use jetpack to travel between these island and kill those creatures. With slight throttle for...
  7. furious_gamer

    Got my hands on Lollipop and I am loving it....

    Yay! Finally got my hands on much hyped Lollipop and I am loving it. I feel good for buying Nexus 5 and getting this update before all my friends and family. Coming to OS, it is huge UI bump IMO and it is silky smooth even after loaded it with so many apps and games. Design is good...
  8. furious_gamer

    Is State of Decay, worth playing?

    You read the title. Is this game worth playing? This game is on deal 9.99$.
  9. furious_gamer

    Pantech Burst Battery Issue

    I recently purchased Nexus 5, so i gave my Burst to my wife. Till i used the phone, the battery backup was good and i never had any issue. But after i purchased N5, for a couple of week or so, it was kept idle, means no charging, no one was taking care of it. Now, it is been used by my wife for...
  10. furious_gamer

    Nexus 5 - My Small Review

    It's been a dream for me to own a Nexus device ever since it is released. And it became a possibility this month. I had a chance to buy N5 and without much thought, I bought it. I must say that it is worthy investment for a first time Nexus owner like me. Been enjoying it for a week, so decided...
  11. furious_gamer

    Good online store to buy Nexus 5 32GB

    I tried many place, but ebay is giving me an weird issue. Like, whatever phone number i give, it says invalid number and suggest me to go for Mobile Verification. I tried several times and fed up. Also, i found a deal in How trustworthy this site is? Any other good reliable...
  12. furious_gamer

    DVD Player with USB - MKV,MP4 Support

    As title suggest, i need an DVD Player for my parents, which should support USB Playback and media formats like mkv,mp4. As most of the downloads are in this format. :) Budget is 5k. I would like to go with Philips, Sony, Samsung and good brands like this. Tried flipkart but no use. So...
  13. furious_gamer

    No Sound from TV while playing from XBox 360

    Yes, finally i got Xbox, connected it to my TV(This one) through the Component cable. All is well, display is fine, but no audio. Can someone help me here? What i am missing? Note : I have connected PC Speaker in headphone jack of TV for audio output and i also connected 2 HDMI cables(1 for...
  14. furious_gamer

    Play GTA V on 12GB PS3 Console

    Can i play GTA V with this console? It is available for 16k at FK and i am so tempted to buy, but just want to make sure i can play the only game i would like to play with this console.
  15. furious_gamer

    Steam/Desura/Origin Games Giveaway

    Whoever wants to giveaway games/keys post here. I will soon Giveaway few leftover keys from Origin & Paradox Bundle... Wait for the update.... Rules 1. 1 game per person. 2. Post you steam/desura/origin profile here. 3. To whom i am giving a key is solely my decision. 4. TDF User...
  16. furious_gamer

    Acer announces 6-inch Liquid S2, 'first 4K-recording smartphone'

    From Site : Features and specs Read full article here : Source
  17. furious_gamer

    [For Sale] 2xHumble Origin Bundle (Early buyer non-BTA) for other steam games,TF2/D2 keys

    CS:GO & Lot of steam games for TF2/D2 keys I have the following games as keys/gifts: 1 x CS:GO Steam Key - 4 TF2 keys 1 x Humble Weekly Sale(ACE,TripWire and Atlas) - 1 TF2 key 2 x Super Hexagon - Steam Gift - 1 TF2 key 1 x The Ball - 1 TF2 key 1 x FEZ - 1 TF2 key 1 x Ignite - 1 TF2 key 1 x...
  18. furious_gamer

    Killing Floor - Discussions here

    It is an under-rated game IMO and i thought it deserve a new thread. It's the best co-op zombie survival game(Don't ask DigitalFragger, he will tell WarZ is best. ). BTW I am listing all forum members who own/have this game, who we play together most of the days. me desmond david d3p Digital...
  19. furious_gamer

    PC not booting after power cut.

    Last Friday, after power cut, my PC is not booting up. The motherboard light is on, but CPU fan is not spinning. Now, what are the things do i need to check?
  20. furious_gamer

    The Ultimate Debate, Discussion and Fight Thread For Offtopic Posts!

    After seeing Killing Piracy thread, theserpent gave an idea to create this thread, where we debate about all off-topic posts and no need to disturb mods. So mods, this is just for off-topic debates and please take it lightly. Let's brag about Piracy and blah,blah here. :D
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