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  1. Anish

    Need suggestions on buying battery for an old laptop

    Hello all, Greetings! Been a long time. So, I have a laptop which I bought roughly when I joined the Digit forum. Within 3 to 4 years, Battery started giving trouble (charge will last for only one to half an hour). But It was enough to save(any work) and shutdown. Even the laptop used...
  2. Anish

    Help choosing between Nexus 5 and Moto X (2014)

    Hello, Its been a long time :) I am new to smartphones (though using moto g v2 since 3 months). I settled on the above two phones (n5 and moto x), but facing difficulties choosing betweent them. I am half biased towards both. [biased to moto x since i really like the moto g2 (except for...
  3. Anish

    Problem printing on Inland cover

    Hi, I have a monochrome laser printer (Canon LBP 2900B). The problem is, that when I take print out on multiple inland letter covers, it takes lot of time between prints. Like, between prints, it takes some 10 seconds, but when a A4 sheet is used, it takes the next paper almost instantly...
  4. Anish

    Need help: choosing a ebook reader/tablet

    Hi friends, I need to buy a tablet/ebook reader for my everyday use. I will be reading ebooks in pdf format and also i need support for ppt , pptx , webbrowsing. This rules out the basic kindle. Now, can any one suggest me a good tablet? budget - 10 to 11k Requirements: support for...
  5. Anish

    [For Sale] Nokia asha 302

    Hi friends, I was in a hurry buying this phone when my father's phone went dead. So, when I am in search for a new phone, my dad bought this phone with suggestion from his friend. The phone is bought this deepavali (12 nov 2012) so it is still fresh and new. My dad has >3000 contacts. But this...
  6. Anish

    Decent Card for around 2k

    Hi friends, My friend needs a good graphics card to play nfs most wanted (the latest version) I am a total noob in this case. So kindly help to buy a good graphics card. Budget ~ 2K Thanks.
  7. Anish

    [Complaint] Reliance netconnect+ broadband.

    Hi friends, I bought Reliance netconnect+ 8 months ago. When I bought it, I was in a different locality (cuddalore, TN) and I got speeds upto (1.5 to 2Mbps). But when I returned my hometown (vellore, TN) The speeds dropped verymuch. I hardly get 150Kbps browsing speed. Downloads would be around...
  8. Anish

    Victory at CERN - Higgs Boson found?

    At CERN, scientists while researching proton collisions at the LHC [Large Hadron Collider] stumbled upon the probable evidence of the existance of Higgs Boson - "The God Particle" after years of research.! Source: CERN...
  9. Anish

    Help me decide b/w PG courses.

    Hi friends, I completed my BE in ECE and wanna take As I am confused with which course to choose, I come to your help. My needs are a interesting subject with job security and scope abroad. Here are the choices i am confused with: 1. Sensor system design 2. Automotive...
  10. Anish

    Panter T-Pad IS701R with BSNL - Review

    Hai Friends, The craze for the tablet by datawind is dying sooner than expected. I am also a victim in that craze that I booked the tablet twice and luckily got no response. Later, I came across a advertisement of a INR 3,299 tablet manufactured by pantel technologies sponsored by BSNL :oops...
  11. Anish

    Problem - reverting back to windows theme

    Hi friends, Here is what I did: 1. Long back I installed Mac OSX transformation pack on my windows 7 professional 2. Then, uninstalled it and installed Mac OSX Lion transformation pack (when it is available) 3. Now I uninstalled the apple transformation pack. Problems I face: 1. The...
  12. Anish

    Firefox freezes often

    Hi friends, I have this problem in firefox. Scenario 1: I open one site (say thinkdigit) on firefox, before displaying the page, firefox freezes for 20 seconds Scenario 2: I have digit site opened in one tab, I open wikipedia on other tab, and return to digit..After a while, (when the...
  13. Anish

    Arduino Uno - Review

    My Dear Techie friends.... here is my first review on thinkdigit: Today (Feb 10, 2012) I got the parcel – It was delivered by India post. For all techies posting gadgets and consumer electronics reviews →this may look weird to you. Yes I am writing a review about Arduino – The open-source...
  14. Anish

    Billing software needed

    Hi, I need a simple and easy to use billing and management software suitable for hotels. It must be easier to use than tally. Thankyou.
  15. Anish

    PC for 20~25K

    Hi, my friend needs a computer. Basically, he never plays games. And does stuff like matlab, multisim etc. he is more inclined towards intel 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Generic answers will not work. Be exact and avoid the...
  16. Anish

    Error message at startup

    Hi friends, I am having a IBM thinkpad with windows 7 professional. All drivers are installed and everything is working fine. (I mean the hotkeys for volume control located on the side of keypad.) I now recently installed Mac osx lion transformation pack. Ever since i installed the...
  17. Anish

    Tamil in Arkham!!!

    Hello, Have any of you noticed this while playing arkham asylum?
  18. Anish

    File assosciation problem.

    Hai friends, One of my friend here, messed with his laptop running windows 7 homebasic and now, when he tried to open any file, it tries to open with windows media player. This same problem was faced once, with adobe reader. i.e., all files tried to open with adobe reader, reinstalling adobe...
  19. Anish

    Reliance netconnect+ queries

    Hi all, I recently bought reliance netconnect+ broadband modem @1400INR and Its promised to provide upto 3.1Mbps speed. I get a full tower in my locality and falls in coverage area. Inspite of this, I get very poor transfer rates. I hardly get 100Kbps speed and a download speed doenst exceed...
  20. Anish

    Error message when booting windows

    Hello friends, My pc while booting displays Invalid boot.ini file Booting from c:\windows\ and it boots normally after this message. Anyways, i want to get rid of this message. PC details: Processor: Intel C2D OS: Windows xp professional Thanks
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