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  1. rhitwick

    Help in wifi issue

    Hi, coming with a peculiar issue here. I'm unable to pull from gitlab when connected to Home broadband wifi. doing, git pull --rebase and getting this error, ssh: connect to host <can't divulge host address here>: Connection timed out fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make...
  2. rhitwick

    Is it possible to unlock JioFi hotspot?

    I've this device and at times need to use other network SIMs. Was wondering if anyway can use same device with any SIM but JIO. If anyone here has tried this let me know.
  3. rhitwick

    Suggest a MESH router

    Hi friends, planning to buy a MESH router in the upcoming sale! 2 tours is enough for me. However let me know what all points I must consider before buying this. Also any other thing I must know before making the switch from normal router to MESH router.
  4. rhitwick

    5G Phone

    I think we now should look for 5G phones. Xiaomi and OnePlus has already launched "5G Ready" phones in India. What to look for and how long should we wait for a decent 5G phone?
  5. rhitwick

    [ANDROID] No media player control on lockscreen

    Hi, here with a peculiar issue that is bugging me. I use Gaana, Amazon Music such streaming services. Also Poweramp. The basic control used to show up on lockscreen even few months back. Basic control: Previous, Next, play/pause. Song name. Suddenly I don't see any such control on my...
  6. rhitwick

    PC slows down with almost 90% CPU usage

    Hi, I'm having this issue since past couple of months. Have Win10 as OS. 160GB SATA HDD. i5 16GB RAM DDR3 If I open Chrome (4-5 tabs at max), FF (2-3 tabs at max), Whatsapp(desktop version) at the same time, PC kinda starts crwaling. Oh, uTorrent and KIS(Kaspersky) is always running at...
  7. rhitwick

    Suggestion on JioFi

    [Background] My local cablewala is piece of !@#$ and the internet stays down almost 5-7 days of a month, every month. Only mobile network that works inside my house is JIO. Using this as hotsopt now almost everyday. As the cable brodband situation is not improving anytime soon, looking for...
  8. Zangetsu

    Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Discussion

    Avengers: Engame - 9/10 A roller-coaster ride full of emotions, joy and sadness. Excellent ending for the Avengers timeline.
  9. rhitwick

    Suggestions needed for Water Purifier

    Hi, this is one thing I've no idea. Need your help here. >Things I should look for >Things I must avoid Any models you would recommend. I've done some searching and RO+UV+Automatic TDS control seems to be something I should look for. I'm open to suggestions.
  10. rhitwick

    Suggest a smartphone under 7K

    [On behalf of a friend] Need a smartphone suggestion under 7K Budget stretchable to 8K, not more than that. Brands looking for: Samsung Motorola Oppo (none else as service centers of only these are available near his home)
  11. rhitwick

    [Urgent] Unable to boot into Win10; no recovery disk present

    Hi all, So I'm unable to boot into Win10 since last night. As no recovery disk is available with me, I'm unable to fix the installation. Background and my set-up:- I've two HDDs (SATA). One is of 160GB and one of of 500GB. Win10 got installed when both were plugged into. (My Win10 got upgraded...
  12. rhitwick

    App for sim switcher (details in post)

    Hi I've a dual sim phone. JIO and Vodafone. I want to switch internet provider as per my wish and in a single click. Note, I want to switch only internet provider nothing else. Any app exists which can help me on this?
  13. rhitwick

    Best messaging (SMS) app for android(Free/Paid)

    Looking for the best messaging app for Android. Already tried: - Contact+ Truecaller Google's Stock app Textra Handscent (Now Next )SMS All these are really laggy apps. Few of these are really poor in searching through SMS's Expected feature: - No lag Diff. color for each sender Batch...
  14. rhitwick

    Best dialer app for android

    Guys, looking for the best dialer app for android. Expected features: - Lag free browse Good T9 dictionary Non-invasive ads (for free versions) Non-invasive: at the bottom Good widget support (something similar to Contact+'s widget)
  15. rhitwick

    Imagine Indian Judiciary system fully based on Ved, Upanishad, Gita

    So, What are the pros and cons can you imagine if our judiciary system were fully based on these texts?
  16. rhitwick

    Suggest best auto profile switcher app

    Hi, I'm looking for an auto-profile change app for my android phone. Was a long time user of Llama but there is no dev support for that app for a long time. Tasker and Automate are too confusing for me. And, I've found them not that useful w.r.t Llama. Any other good option out there. N.B...
  17. rhitwick

    Suggest a good wireless headphone

    Hi, I'm in search of a good wireless headphone. Going to use with PC and only PC (not laptop, tablet etc) Having a mic is not necessary. Keept suggestions within 3000/-
  18. rhitwick

    [Stupid question] I've a non-functional LG G4, how can this be revived?

    Hi, The question is pretty stupid, I've a dead LG G4 (No warranty. Single SIM model. Original leather back). What to do with it? I've tried to repair it via official channel. LG service centers refused to touch it as it was bought at a foreign location. Mailed to customer care and even they...
  19. rhitwick

    [VR]Sony PS VR with camera in Flipkart

    Not sure where to post but IMO gamerz should know this. Online Shopping India Mobile, Cameras, Lifestyle & more Online @ At last some decent VR games can be expected in India now (I hope) This just makes me half convinced to buy a console at last.
  20. rhitwick

    WIN 10 context menu query

    Hi, is it possible to add an option to search in 'IMDB' on the context menu. What I want? I've folders with movie names, I want to right click on the folder and want an option in the context menu of search in IMDB. Is it possible?
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