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  1. jay4u


    hi, check ur pm.....
  2. jay4u

    GeForce FX5200 - 128MB AGP Card for sale!

    i can shell out 1000 for it.. if interested then reply or call 9821405944
  3. jay4u

    SAMSUNG C 100 at 3,000

    okie... call me at 9821405944 and i will pay for the shipping charges......
  4. jay4u

    Sale : Asus Riva TNT AGP Card 32MB

    what... are you mad... selling a Riva TNT card... exibit it, then auction it.. you can get thousand for this one.... ;-)
  5. jay4u

    Wtb : Digit Issues

    I want to buy old digit issues plus the accompaning fast track, tips & tricks books. Also interested in the special CD/DVD that came with it like a tutorial or Tips & Tricks CD but not hte regular ones. Me at Mumbai.... 9821405944.... Mail me the list
  6. jay4u

    [Rev.] Windows Vista RC1

    gr888 dude... keep up the good work ;-)......
  7. jay4u


    anything around 7k will do....
  8. jay4u

    Selling a Few things : HDD and Phone

    502 for it.... actually i can ready for it 900 rs shipped
  9. jay4u

    any one want a 56 kpbs modem for Rs 800

    i can sell you one for 500 including shipping.... interested.... joking please lower the price dude if you wanna sell it....
  10. jay4u

    FS : Creative Inspire 4400 4.1 speakers

    i can spend 1200 bucks, only for this, new one comes at 2400 dude... what say... provided its in good condition though...
  11. jay4u

    For Sale - First Tell Me Ur Price

    yah... rite... go to nehru place or somewhere else and start finding newbies who knows nothing about computers and sell them a 2 yr old part at equal or higher than the market rate, why waste posting here..... No one's gonna even consider buying it..... And even then i do not exactly trust u...
  12. jay4u

    Tips For Buying

    Another point to mention is that, when you are buying a whole computer and do not know how to fit the mobo, cpu in the cabinet..... the shopkeepers help you in it..... They fit the mobo, smps and proci for you...... If you insisit, they can even fis hdd and CDROMS for you..... So that you may...
  13. jay4u

    Tips For Buying

    dude, i do not know whether taking names of shops are fair or unfair, but i would like hear experiences from other people and from which shops they had..... I think that if we can easily critize companies like seagate or maxtor, then we can easily do for shops..... All we are doing is putting...
  14. jay4u

    PC under 7k

    RAM 128 Mb will cost you 500 bucks..... plus cabinet + smps will cost you 800 (cheap stuff)...... Scroll Mouse + KB will cost you 200 bucks (cheapest)..... There i saved 700 bucks for you.... All are laminton road prices
  15. jay4u

    Best MOBO.... 4 My Computer!!!

    This is not the very best but good enough to satisfy your needs.... Although i would love to see a sata II coompatibility with raid 0 support.... and yes the onboard graphics sucks big time......
  16. jay4u

    My DVD Writer died

    go for either sony 810DRU or OEM or liteon DVD RW
  17. jay4u

    is this a good graphic card

    Go for Riva TNT2 ...... but i opinion is that you shld upgrade if possible.... and you do not have PCIe slot, so dont look for cards with PCIe version..... PCIe slots are different from PCI slots....
  18. jay4u

    My DVD Writer died

    go for either sony 810DRU or OEM or liteon DVD RW
  19. jay4u

    Which One ? 7600 GS or 6600 GT

    vmhatre, nice little info you have given... about the fps, i would like to mention that it is not adirect comparision as it depends on the game needs and the card make, but it gives you a fair amount of idea.... Anyways its fps which you gonna see..... so its all that gonna matter......
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