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  1. prvprv

    Any Android QuadCore mobile with Tv out / HDMI/ MHL ?

    I want to purchase a mobile which can mirror the screen to a lcd tv. Are there any QuadCore mobiles which support tv out / HDMI/ MHL for the price <18k ? If a phone supports OTG will it support tv out also?
  2. prvprv

    XOLO Q800 - Short Review

    Congrats. Good review. Does this phone support tv-out option to connect to a LCD TV?
  3. prvprv

    [Praise] Seagate Replacement @ AccelFrontline

    @iChaitanya as I got there late(12:30), there were already some 10 ppl before me. So I had to wait. :razz: @Rajesh345 No need of purchase bill.
  4. prvprv

    [Praise] Seagate Replacement @ AccelFrontline

    My 2.5 year old Seagate 1TB HDD ST31000528AS started giving errors 1 month back. When checked with seatools, smart and shortDST tests are failed. The warranty is left till 14th July 2013 so I Registered a RMA request at Seagate website. Created an account in AccelFrontline website...
  5. prvprv

    graphics card for hd movie watching on old CPU

    Hi friends I have a old CPU with MSI 761GM2-V motherboard ( MSI Global ? Mainboard - 761GM2-V ) with AMD Athlon 64 ~2.2 GHz processor and 512 MB DDR RAM It can play upto 480p videos nicely. but cannot play 720p or 1080p videos. as it has a PCI EX16 slot can you suggest a ultra low budget...
  6. prvprv

    Graphics Card for 1080p movies, with 3D support

    thanks @topgear. I will go for this. If possible I wil get a 4GB RAM
  7. prvprv

    Graphics Card for 1080p movies, with 3D support

    Thanks friends. but due to some changed circumstances I need to get a new processor + mobo + ram + graphics card + PSU to build a HTPC at a budget <10k. Any suggestions?
  8. prvprv

    Graphics Card for 1080p movies, with 3D support

    1. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company and model) Ans: Zebronics 500 watts (not sure about model number) 2. What is your budget? Ans: Rs. 2.8k - 3.3 k; 3. Which resolution will you game at? Ans: 1280 X 720 (occasional gaming) I want to use...
  9. prvprv

    motherborad(gigabyte) & processor at 7000

    1) Gigabyte GA-H61M-D2H Motherboard - Rs. 3286/- Gigabyte GA-H61M-D2H Motherboard | Motherboard | 2) Intel 2.6 GHz LGA 1155 Dual Core G620 Processor - Rs. 3604/- Intel 2.6 GHz LGA 1155 Dual Core G620 Processor | Processor | Total: Rs. 6890/-
  10. prvprv

    motherboard for pentium 4

    +1 to saswat23's suggestion
  11. prvprv

    dos and windows laptops

    I suggest you to buy a DOS or Linux laptop which will be 2 - 3k cheaper than windows7 laptop. Then you can format it and install different Operating Systems depending on your need. Those windows laptops come with single partitioned disks. So you may have to format it to install another OS or...
  12. prvprv

    Mac pro and games

    @imrocking_since92 There wont be any performance issues. I was able to play max-payne 3 using very low settings on my 13" MBP (2011). I played for about 30min. Within 1 min of starting the game, the heatsink fan goes to 6200rpm from 2000rpm. Not kidding but I use NIPPO 12 inch Rechargable /...
  13. prvprv

    Upgrade to low end gaming pc

    Want to get this mobo for my current config ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS P5G41T-M LX 1. What is the purpose of the computer? Ans: Download machine, video conversion, Java programming using eclipse, Running Virtual Machines, Occassional gaming. (low settings is enough) 2. What is your overall...
  14. prvprv

    Upgrade to low end gaming pc

    currently I have C2D E7200, Gigabyte GA G31M S2L with 2GB DDR2 RAM (2*1gb). (see my signature) The inbuilt graphics chip is just ok for playing games like maxpayne 1,2 in Low settings. I have an idea of upgrading the mobo to ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS P5G41T-M LX This board has GMA X4500...
  15. prvprv

    convert High quality movies!!

    @ramakanta 1. Format Factory 2. Media Coder
  16. prvprv

    The new Macbook PRO (Overpriced or justified?)

    Apples -> available in only one season -> reasonably priced. Apple products -> available in all seasons -> overpriced. (iPhone 4S & MBP13. Dont know abt others)
  17. prvprv

    Best Deal for Macbook Pro MD313?

    I've been using it for 3+ months. Installed Windows and working on java developement using eclipse, etc. Things I like in MBP are: Light weight, Hight quality screen, backlit keyboard, multi gesture trackpad, Magsafe Charger, Battery power indicator at the left side, good battery backup...
  18. prvprv

    Best Deal for Macbook Pro MD313?

    ^^ Mine is also same model as urs MD313 processor temps mostly will be between 60 - 70 C and fan rpm around 2k to 3k but when i play movies < 720p or run XP virtual machine or play youtube videos the fan rpm goes all the way to 6200. Although aluminium works as a good heat dissipant, I feel...
  19. prvprv

    Best Deal for Macbook Pro MD313?

    @aroraanant, @ParryD and other MBP owners.. Hows are the temperatures on your MBP? Especially at the palm rest.? What about the fan noise and rpm?
  20. prvprv

    Laptop with Backlit Keyboard

    Get a brand new MBP for 59,328 from eBay.
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