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  1. rajasekharan

    Vista still struggling as Linux finds its feet

    its just gonna be another ME . . we will wait for win 7 gates ;-)
  2. rajasekharan

    Has the Digit magazine lost its charm?

    Re: Has Digit lost its charm? i have not bought it for two months now . . if the next issue is following the same lines . . i wont buy . :-l
  3. rajasekharan

    Vista still struggling as Linux finds its feet

    vista is just another ME for me . . crap o.s ,2000 and xp is the best of the lot . . especially 2000 :-)
  4. rajasekharan

    New 'Terminator' Movie, Game Slated for 2009

    what about the fourth movie ? . . is it gonna be released . . will arnold be back . . if not, i am not watching
  5. rajasekharan

    Virus Problem with iPod Classic 80GB

    right , if its under warranty . . get a replacement :-). . and windows virus on mac . . i dont think so
  6. rajasekharan

    Villager averts rail disaster (1500 People Saved)

    good fellow :-). . he has a good mindset . . may lord bless him in all ways .
  7. rajasekharan

    What if Re. 1 = $45

    nothing much will happen if 1rs =45$ we will get paid accordingly , thats all .
  8. rajasekharan

    help me choose command and conquer game

    well proc speed is an imp factor . . as a slow one means a definite lag . in c&c red alert and tiberium sun and firestorm your graphic card dont matter at all as those work with onboard . and yes hdd space dont matter much . but these days when hdd gets filled with songs , movies and games...
  9. rajasekharan

    help me choose command and conquer game

    i dont know where you can find demo...but , you can ask the shops for the dvd..;) which includes full set by the way , i have red alert2, and yuris revenge also the original disk of tiberuim sun and firestorm generals and zero hour.....(i hate it), any ways i dont have the disk of...
  10. rajasekharan

    Is om shanti om DVD Out?

    may i place an order of .5 gram shanthi ;-)
  11. rajasekharan

    Einstein proved right, again!!

    well , i may be wrong again . . but your atoms dont say "ok , its two hours passed now , lets age " do they ?. if my body can handle speed of light . and if the space has enough o2 , and am flying (running ) through space . you mean to say , i will age less ?... i dont know , how they...
  12. rajasekharan

    help me choose command and conquer game

    red alert 2, red alert 2 -yuris revenge . . dune 2000, emperor battle for dune (both from westwood) . tiberium sun ,tiberium sun-firestorm :-). all will work on p3
  13. rajasekharan

    gOS Unboxed: Should Microsoft Worry?

    i would like google to create an O.S . . :-)
  14. rajasekharan

    Comodo Firewall Pro

    its a great great firewall :-) . . far superior to anything else . . truly , a marvelous freeware :-).
  15. rajasekharan

    $1564.37 Optimus Maximus Keyboard Finally Revealed

    the keys for the game glow THATS ALL . . i rather memorize the key than pay for this :-l.
  16. rajasekharan

    Top 10 games on 2007

    neverwinter nights 2 -MOTB ,oblivion - SI, stalker , bioshock , supreme commander , tiberium wars ??? (was it released this year ?). overlord . . :-)
  17. rajasekharan

    directx 10 equivalent

    well those two have its own use . . so there is no equivalant to two . . but if you are working with compositing softwares you can use opengl to gain extra performance from your graphics card . also 3d applications use opengl for view port rendering . that way you can bring full use of your...
  18. rajasekharan

    JPEG image

    truly said . . irfan view is the ULTIMATE :-)
  19. rajasekharan

    'Giant' Pig-like Animal Discovered Hidden in Remote Amazon Jungle

    we did not had many so called extinct species discovered . . thats a rare finding . . i guess less than 10 from 1900 to till date :-l. . its that many wont be able to adjust to the varying climate . . but its amazing how earths climate is stable for past million years ---- i wonder , when the...
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